We are halfway through our advent calendar, so Christmas really is just around the corner. You’d be forgiven for not sourcing all your presents by this point but have no fear, here at the Specialized Concept Store, we’ve got you covered. We have put together this handy list of Christmas gifts from Specialized, arranged rather handily to suit all budgets, from Secret Santa to new bike day. 

Stuff the stockings with Specialized

We are halfway through our advent calendar, so Christmas really is just around the corner. You’d be forgiven for not sourcing all your presents by this point but have no fear, here at the Specialized Concept Store, we’ve got you covered. We have put together this handy list of Christmas gifts from Specialized, arranged rather handily to suit all budgets, from Secret Santa to new bike day. 

So, get the mince pies and mulled wine ready and find something truly special for the cyclist in your life. 


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<£10 Stocking fillers

Gifts in this price range make for great stocking fillers and we have a variety of different products under £10 that retain that trademark Specialized quality. Socks are the quintessential Christmas gift, but these aren’t the natty ones you’re used to getting, even for under a tenner our socks are a great addition to your wardrobe. 






OUR PRICE £10.00

You can stay hydrated for under £10 too with our Big Mouth and Purist water bottles that both deliver 50% more water than the competition. 


OUR PRICE £10.00

£11 - £20

Going up a price range, you can keep your body warm this winter with under clothes, including skull caps and comfortable base layers. At the same price point, the Air Tool Switch Comp Pump, with both Presta and Schrader valves, is lightweight, easy to carry and gets the job done.


OUR PRICE £17.00


OUR PRICE £22.00

£21 - £50 

Now we’re getting to the products that will fit neatly under the tree this Christmas. Look stylish off the bike with the Podium hoodie or any other of our amazingly designed tops and jerseys. A windproof jacket will also be welcome when the wet days roll in.


OUR PRICE £50.00

Get the right gift for your bike too, with our on-bike valuables/nutrition bags, maintenance kits and light bundles.


OUR PRICE £40.00


OUR PRICE £37.00


OUR PRICE £45.00

£51 - £100

A new year is a good time for a helmet upgrade and whether you ride on or off road, or somewhere else altogether, we have a large range that should suit you. Our helmets are comfortable and performance oriented with a multitude of fantastic features. Even at this range, your dream lid is just a click away.


OUR PRICE £110.00


SAVE 45%
NOW £55.00
WAS £100.00


OUR PRICE £90.00

Match your new helmet with a pair of killer shoes. We have a great range of entry level kicks, all with fantastic designs. Paired with our Body Geometry ergonomics, our road and mountain bike shoes are high performing, supportive and, maybe most importantly, they’re comfortable too.


OUR PRICE £99.99


SAVE 40%
NOW £48.00
WAS £80.00

£101 - £200

High quality kit is the order of the day up at this range and we have some spectacular items fit for shredding on the mountain bike. Our waterproof raincoats are ready to battle the elements, keeping you nice and toasty when it’s tipping buckets on your ride. Pair that with some high-quality performance knicks and you’ll have the winter look nailed.

We also have the perfect kit to keep roadies from the winter chills this Christmas. Our jackets are as rain resistant as possible and in-built membranes keep you dry and insulated. Layer over our durable waterproof Element RBX tights and you’re on to a winner.


OUR PRICE £120.00

How about starting off the next generation of cyclists with one of our balance bikes? That, or have a peruse of our high-performance headlights or our range of bike bags, perfect for any adventures planned for 2020.


OUR PRICE £139.00


OUR PRICE £110.00

£200+ Big ticket

Lastly, bikes, bikes and more bikes. From kids’ models to carbon fibre performance beasts, Specialized has everything you could possibly want or need. Go on, play the part of the kid in a candy shop and find the bike that will transform your riding. 


OUR PRICE £259.00


SAVE 28%
NOW £2699.00
WAS £3749.00


OUR PRICE £1299.00

So, however you ride or whoever you are shopping for, surf our deals online or come down to one of our stores to find perfect Christmas gifts.


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