The Specialized Venge is the very pinnacle of Aerodynamic bike design, the process was about as thorough as you can get, involving computational fluid dynamics, 3D printed prototypes and real-world rider feedback. every single component has been designed individually, so that they work together for maximum aerodynamic advantage. The frame, seatpost, brakes and proprietary Aerofly handlebars come together to form an innovative bike built with one thing in mind: sheer, uncompromising speed.

The Specialized Venge was originally designed around a disc-braking system, so effort was put in to neutralise the greater drag associated with discs from the beginning of the design process – rather than after the fact. The calliper-braking, UCI legal, version of the frame also focussed on drag-reducing features, hiding the rear brake on the seat tube to streamline things. Notably, the 2017 iteration of the calliper brakes have been revamped to improve braking responsiveness.

The front-end of the Venge has also been carefully developed to reduce drag. Besides the wheel, the cockpit is the first thing to hit the air and the Specialized designers concluded that traditional designs are a long way from being as aerodynamic as they could be. As well as increasing front end frame stiffness by 30% compared to the Tarmac, the perfect combination of stem angle and handlebar profile has been developed to optimise the balance of comfort and speed.

With its innovative aerodynamic cockpit, next to no visible cables, supreme braking, a two minute advantage over 40km (compared to the Tarmac), and far greater stiffness, the Venge is a bike which refuses to be outrun in the sprint to the line.


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