Introducing the new S-Works Vent Evo Gravel Shoes

Introducing the new S-Works Vent Evo Gravel Shoes

Introducing the new S-Works Vent Evo Gravel Shoes

The S-Works Vent Evo Gravel Shoe is our most advanced MTB shoe ever. Designed for high-performance situations where comfort and ventilation are key, the Vent Evo will help you to put down the watts when you need them most. 

Whether you're a gravelleur or a cross-country mountain biker, innovative technology always seems to find its way to these fast-paced cycling disciplines, and the shoe market is no different. Shoes are one of your few contact points with the bike, and the right shoe makes a massive difference to the quality of your riding and your performance. 

The new S-Works Evo Gravel Shoes are ideal for both disciplines, when the ride heats up, the expert ventilation will be there to provide breathability as you've never seen before. It's one of the most versatile shoes we've ever designed, with a racing pedigree for the masses. The shoes are designed to perform in top-end competitions, but are equally at home on your local bridleways this summer. We've taken inspiration from our other game-changing designs and combined them to make the ultimate off-road shoes. From gravel to cross country, the S-Works Vent EVO Gravel Shoes are your new best friend.

A stiffer sole for better power transfer

It’s no secret that here at Specialized we take our shoes seriously. Whether it’s for road cycling, gravel riding or mountain biking, our shoes play an important role in our comfort on the bike and the way we transfer our power from our legs to the bike.

That’s why we’ve taken some inspirations from our World Cup-dominating Recon shoe and introduced them onto the Vent Evo. For instance, we’ve used our Body Geometry sole and footbed technology to enhance comfort and efficiency. These technologies have been scientifically proven to reduce the occurrence of injuries by optimising a rider’s foot and knee alignments. 

Additionally, our FACT Powerline™ carbon plate provides a super-stiff sole of the shoe in order to maximise power transfer from the rider's foot to their bike. It may sound like marketing spiel, but having a shoe that doesn't flex under pressure is vital in a race or high-pressure situations on the bike. You want a shoe that is reliable and consistent so you know exactly how hard you can push, whether that be on your XC or gravel bike.

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Cooler is faster

You don’t need to be riding in the Arizona desert to know what we mean when we say cooler is faster. Your feet swell and heat up quite quickly when you’re riding, even in spring and autumn, particularly if you’re thrashing it on the local XC loop or gravel sectors. 

That's why in the S-Works Vent EVO shoes we've used state of the art ventilation to provide some of the most breathable footwear we've ever made. We start with the advanced engineering mesh, which we have designed to encourage airflow through the toe box to keep your feet nice and cool when the ride heats up. 

Then, we’ve used mesh and Dyneema® panels to work in unison keeping the shoe flexible and malleable to adjust to all shapes of feet. Everyone deserves comfortable shoes, so we’ve designed the Vent EVO to be suitable for a wide range of foot profiles without compromising on durability. 

Your feet can move without restriction inside the Vent EVO, helping with comfort and efficiency in your pedal stroke. Two Boa® dials and a velcro strap allow you to find your perfect fit, with adjustability to suit most shapes of feet. 

We’ve also used the S-Works Recon shoe as inspiration with our ventilation, taking what we’ve learned from gravel and XC racers using our shoes to develop the one shoe to rule them all off-road. 

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Want to try on the latest innovation in cycling shoe technology? Head to your local Specialized Concept Store, where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect fit for your next gravel or cross country mountain bike adventure. Click here to find your nearest store.

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