Meet Sirrus X

Meet Sirrus X

Meet Sirrus X

Capable, confident and fun. These are the words that define the Sirrus X. It’s a bike inspired by its pavement-focussed antecedent, the Sirrus, with a fresh new perspective and focus on riding more varied terrain. It’s about tackling all surfaces or going further than before with a bike that loves to explore. 

The Sirrus X is a utility bike, for want of a better phrase. It’s intended to tackle all your daily riding, as well as being a great option for those who might’ve had a little while off the bike, whether for fitness reasons, injury or just a lifestyle that seemed incompatible with cycling. 

We built this bike with the idea in our heads that ‘if you’re comfortable, you’re confident’, so we set about adding some features to the Sirrus X that will make you feel just that. 

You’ll notice that this machine has some pretty chunky tyres on it. These give you better grip on the dirt, as well as making the whole bike feel more stable when you’re speeding along. We’ve made use of our very own Body Geometry hand grips and saddle, removing the discomfort that can sometimes put us off from riding far or for a long time. 

The Sirrus X has a 1x gear system. That means just one chainring at the front, but a very broad choice of gears at the back. The benefits of this system are its simplicity and the fact it’s extremely easy to maintain. If you’re a casual cyclist who is put off by fiddly maintenance tasks, or somebody who likes to get their bike muddy but doesn’t want dirt clogging up the workings of their gears, this is for you.

Building on its low-maintenance credentials, all models of the Sirrus X come with hydraulic disc brakes. They need to be adjusted and checked less frequently than alternatives and they perform better in all weathers too – ideal if you’ll be using this as an all-seasons, do-anything machine. 

You might have heard about Future Shock. It’s our suspension system for bikes that don’t have suspension. First created for elite road racing bicycles that tackle the notoriously bumpy one-day classics, we’re delighted to say the tech has now trickled down to this amazing, feature-packed utility machine (you can find Future Shock on the 4.0 and 5.0 models of the Sirrus X, but not the 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0).

Future Shock works by smoothing the chatter out of the surface you’re riding on. It won’t absorb massive changes in surface or help you navigate a downhill MTB run, but it will make every ride you take more enjoyable and – as an extra bonus – that little bit faster. We found when testing the first Future Shocks that the increased smoothness of the ride allowed riders to maintain their speed. A great advantage in competitive racing and a simple pleasure for us mere amateurs!

A vital component of any ‘do-it-all’ bike is the ability to add racks for carrying extra stuff and mudguards to keep you dry and clean when riding in the less-than-ideal conditions we Brits have come to know and love…or at least tolerate. The different models of the Sirrus X are set up slightly differently, so consult this chart (or the individual product descriptions) for the specifics of which racks and mudguard mounts they have. 

You’ll notice there is no ‘Women’s version’. That’s because the Sirrus X was designed from the ground up as a shared platform, like most of our models these days. The Body Geometry Bridge saddle was conceived as a truly versatile option for both men and women, and comes in different widths to match.


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Whether you’re a commuter looking for the ultimate steed to carry you to work and back, or an adventurous weekend fitness rider who wants to tackle a mix of paths, trails and tarmac, the Sirrus X is a supremely capable machine intended to make those desires a reality. 

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