Stay safe and seen out there… commuting essentials for winter

Stay safe and seen out there… commuting essentials for winter

Stay safe and seen out there… commuting essentials for winter

As of September 22nd, the equinox, summer’s reign is officially over in the northern hemisphere. This means the sun sits lower in the sky and the nights stretch on for longer as the northern hemisphere tilts further from the sun. While we dream about one day having the funds to relocate to warmer climes for the winter, we are forced to consider our safety and enjoyment out on the roads as we confront the dark and cold weather many of us dread.

British roads are ever more saturated with cyclists winding their way to work in the mornings, laden with backpacks and panniers packed with crumpled suits, dry shampoo, and chicken and rice. This particular group of cyclists share the road with the grumpiest of motorists so have to be 100% vigilant, no matter how early it is. During the winter months, it becomes even more perilous. As a result it’s important that your kit and clothing is of the highest quality – to maximise safety, protection and peace-of-mind.

The lights

 Anyone who has ridden to or from work in the middle of December will testify that In low light or bad weather it can be very difficult to see and be seen on the bike. We’ve covered both bases with our range of lights , with sets suitable for any terrain, condition or time of day. Customers can choose between the Flux and Stix ranges, both of which provide unbeatable features and competitive pricing.

The Flux range is all about power and reliability, giving the rider the confidence that they can both see their own way and be seen by approaching vehicles from any direction. The lumens on offer in the Flux lights are as close to a car’s headlight as you’re likely to find, with a sculpted beam that puts light exactly where you need it, maximising every lumen and providing excellent peripheral vision (without blinding oncoming cyclists or motorists!) All the lights in the range are USB-rechargeable and hold 60% more runtime capacity than previous versions. The Elite model actually has up to 400 lumens, enough to luminate objects up to half a kilometre away. The Expert provides up to 1200 lumens and incorporates a raised centre reflector for a car-like high and low beam option, operated through an illuminated remote for unparalleled control.

The Flux Expert tail light sets a new standard for rear visibility offering up to 110 lumens. The light boasts visibility up to 1km – making it the perfect accessory for riding in low light conditions or at night.

While the Flux range offers all-round performance and versatility in both urban and rural settings, the Stix range is a great accompaniment for the inner-city commuter. Also USB-rechargable, the Stix lights (Sport and Comp models) feature wide-angle beams, multiple modes including flashing and constant, and a flexible mounting system that works with most handlebars and seat posts.

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The jacket

We developed the Deflect(TM) SL Pro Rain Jacket t by incorporating the very latest safety innovations to maximise performance.

This thing really is the swiss-army knife of jackets, performing a handful of duties from protection to visibility. With wind and water-resistant material the jacket is both lightweight and breathable, avoiding the boil-in-the-bag tendencies of many of its counterparts. Furthermore, the sleeves are removable, turning it into a gilet so it is effectively two pieces of kit in one package.

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The bike

Last but not least, if you are looking for the ideal commuting bike, look no further than our range of Sirrus bikes. Great if you’re thinking about starting to commute, but don't have a steed to do it on yet.

Designed for men and women, the Sirrus is both reliable, easy to maintain, and fun to ride. Both ranges feature rack and mudguard mounts so that you can carry gear with ease and keep spray and muck at bay in bad weather.

The geometry provides a perfect balance of comfort and efficiency. Finally, the puncture-resistant Nimbus tyres and strategically-placed reflective graphics come together to make the Sirrus and Vita bikes perfect for commuting with peace of mind in the city. The models feature both Carbon Fibre and Aluminium framesets and have the new Future Shock up front ensuring an even smoother ride.

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