The all new 2019 VENGE

The all new 2019 VENGE

The all new 2019 VENGE

Lighter than a Tarmac SL5 Disc and more aerodynamic than the Venge ViAS – the 2019 edition is an aero bike that is as adept at cutting through the winds, as it is at powering up short, steep climbs – in other words, the New Venge is the ultimate race bike. With an integrated cockpit, Rider-First EngineeredTM technology and a whole new, aerodynamic shape – this is a bike for going fast, from Grand Tour sprinters to weekend crit racers, the new Venge delivers pure, unadulterated speed.

A new shape of speed

“Built to handle on a razor’s edge.”

Starting life as computer code on Specialized’s custom optimisation software, the new Venge’s aero shape was digitally created and defined from a collection of shapes in the FreeFoil Shape Library before it ever saw aero-testing in the Win Tunnel. With the building blocks of the new Venge established by this revolutionary optimisation software, the prototype was then taken for testing, the Win Tunnel selecting the fastest shape after many iterations.

Every millimetre on the new Venge matters because a perfect balance between aerodynamics, weight and handling is needed to create a ride that feels expertly tuned. One slight change and the whole design would be thrown out of this perfect balance. The head tube and fork, two of the most important areas for both stiffness and aerodynamics, make no sacrifices and are both dialled-in – using perfect shapes from the FreeFoil Library, and some complex Rider-First EngineeredTM design cues – to maintain the same sublime handling as previous Venge models.

While the down tube isn’t usually scrutinised as much when it comes to aerodynamic performance, the new Venge has seen a total makeover in this department – the new tube taking surface area into account, making sure to shield bottles from the wind. The rear of the bike has also seen a few, speed-inducing shape changes – the seat tube and seat post redesigned with faster shapes to create a faster, more aero, but also more compliant and comfortable ride.

Compliance and speed are also further enhanced by the dropped seat stays – doing wonders for aerodynamics as well as increasing the amount of rear-end compliance.

What is Rider-First EngineeredTM technology?

Every frame uses a layup schedule, design and materials that are entirely unique to its size – all in an effort to replicate the same ride feel across all Venge frame sizes. These changes aren’t always visible to the naked eye, but you’ll sure feel them in the mercurial accelerations and the bump-eating compliance that defines this new Venge.

The head tube and fork are some of the most important parts of the Rider-First EngineeredTM system, both of them dictating front-end stiffness and handling. It is important, therefore, to dial in these components respective of the frame size – too stiff on a small frame and the ride will be twitchy, not stiff enough on a large frame and the ride will be laboured and sluggish. Rider-First EngineeredTM technology allows total optimisation across each frame size – delivering sublime agility no matter what size you ride.

“You’ll never notice all that when you’re riding – it just feels like the perfect bike.”

With each size tuned into optimal performance, every rider can push their machine to the absolute limit. To deal with this strain, Specialized have paid particular attention to power transfer – creating a new model that has a better stiffness-to-weight ratio than the Venge ViAS. For a 56cm frame, this translates to a 12% increase in stiffness, and for a large 61cm it translates to a whopping 18% increase. Whether you’re sprinting, cornering, hammering from the saddle or gliding up a punchy climb – you’ll immediately feel the stiff, efficient power transfer.

Integration is aero

 “More aero optimisation, more configuration options, and just as adjustable as ever before.”

An integrated, seamless handlebar and stem has redefined the meaning of aerodynamics – with the new S-Works Aerofly II cockpit on the Venge regarded as ‘the fastest’ on the road. With cables hidden beneath the stem, spacers optimised for aerodynamics and small dimples to offer grip without the need for bar tape – the cockpit is designed to cut through the air like a hot knife through butter.

Through Specialized’s pro team collaborations, the cockpit has also been re-designed with stiffness a top priority – ensuring that even the most powerful of riders, world champion Peter Sagan in particular, will feel zero flex in these bars in a bunch sprint.

Simplicity is the secret

Unlike many top-end aero bikes, the new Venge’s cockpit doesn’t follow the usual, monocoque setup. Instead, the Aerofly cockpit cockpit has separate bar and stem components, creating a modular system that allows for easier travel and optimal customisation.

As the hydraulic hoses and Di2 wire run along the bottom of the stem, and not inside it, riders can change the stem lengths without having to go through the painstaking process of re-cabling the shift and brake lines. Further inspection of the cockpit also reveals an out-front computer mount, made by Bar Fly, which can support both a computer and GoPro simultaneously.

The stem shape also allows a seamless pairing with a new clamp designed to attach the Venge ViAS clip-on aero bars – allowing riders to run a clean and compact aerobar on the new Venge if they wish to take the machine into the realms of time-trialling.

With this TT bar option, and the new Venge chassis even more aero than most of the dedicated TT bikes on the market today, Chris Yu, our director of Integrated Technologies explains how this machine can bridge the divide between Road bike and time trial bike

“With the Venge-specific clip-on TT bars you would have to buy a very expensive dedicated TT setup and a TT-specific fit to land on a package that is faster.”

Whether you’re looking for an out-and-out speed demon to blitz through the pack on the road, or a dedicated time-trial crushing machine, the new Venge fits the bill perfectly – a racing thoroughbred that balances speed, aerodynamics, comfort and compliance in a unique harmony – unmatched by any other aero bike.



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