The road less travelled

The road less travelled

The road less travelled

At Specialized HQ we’re lucky to be surrounded by some of the best terrain for bike riding on the planet. Located just south of San Francisco we’ve got the lot – everything from gravel climbs and singletrack descents all the way to velvet-smooth tarmac. We set out to design bikes that can ride ‘em all and leave you grinning from ear-to-ear and part of our process is to head out into the hills and not come back until we’ve got it right. The result is our Diverge and Sequoia bikes, super-capable rides that shred flowy singletrack, gravel trails, canal towpaths and traditional roads with equal authority. Whether you’re riding for a few hours or a few days, these bikes know that the real fun starts when the tarmac ends.

Let’s get lost

You know what? Sometimes, getting lost is the best way to find out exactly where you want to be. The fun really starts when you get out there, where you can answer the question “Where does this track go? What’s down there? What’s over that hill?”.

The Diverge is built for all-day rides at high speeds over rough roads and tough trails. And with Future Shock suspension, room for 42mm tires and geometry to attack any terrain, your rides are only limited by imagination. 

The Diverge has everything you need for pretty much any pedal-powered adventure – whether that's gravel racing, bikepacking or weekend shredding. From afar it might look like a cyclocross bike but subtle changes to the geometry, with a lowered bottom bracket and a longer wheelbase, make it way more stable than a jittery CX whip. It redefines the possibilities of where your bike can take you.

The Diverge range features super-rugged tyres that can chew up tough terrain and grip hard as you rail down technical trails, but still run smooth and fast when needed. The larger air chamber means you can run them at lower pressures, taking more of the bumps and improving comfort over longer rides. 

There's only so much that wider tyres with lower pressures can absorb though, and this is where our Future Shock comes into play. It not only soaks up impacts with ease, but it also adds the benefit of extremely predictable handling. It features a progressive spring, more suitable for off-road applications where stiffer suspension is often needed to soak-up larger bumps and obstacles. With crisp-shifting gears and powerful disc brakes, there’s no bike more capable, wherever you choose to ride.


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Throughout the Diverge range, we’ve put your ride front and centre, speccing the best equipment for the best days out you can have on the bike. One test ride and you’ll be hit with the realisation that this is the bike you’ve been looking for all these years – fast, capable, lightweight, versatile and just damned good fun.

Wanna go further?

For some folks, a day out on the bike is not enough. These are the guys who look at the map and ask what’s off the edge of the page, riders with no limits who just jump on their bikes and keep going. For these dudes, we’ve developed the Sequoia, an adventure bike like no other. It was born from a marriage of road performance and off-road reliability, creating one genre-spanning dream bike.

The Sequoia’s frame makes adventure possible. Constructed from Premium Cr-Mo and stainless steel tubing, materials coveted for their strength and respectable weight, it provides a smooth ride for days on end. By selecting tubes that are specific to each frame size we are able to ensure that everyone rides exactly as we intended.

The geometry is unique, ensuring you’ll be able to travel quickly and efficiently regardless of whether your rig is loaded up or not. The Sequoia is a long-haul trucker, ready for bikepacking adventures, but take off the luggage and it rides like a traditional road bike. Specialized Adventure Gear Hover handlebars put you into a comfortable position when cruising on the tops and provide a wide grip for when things get gnarly.


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A mix of sturdy components, fuss-free disc brakes and hand-built Hayfield wheels that are cased in 38mm-wide tyres complete a complete package that’s ready for anything.

There’s ample room to fit and carry whatever you need for your adventure too. The frame is fitted with plenty of mounts for bottle cages, racks and mudguards. Fit yourself out with luggage from our sturdy, weather-resistant Burra Burra range and you can go as far as your imagination takes you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself kitted out and expand your horizons.

Remember though, the weather might not be on your side over the next few months – yeah, we know, but it’s true. Don’t worry though, our new autumn and winter clothing range is launched soon – we’ll have you covered from head to toe.


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