About Us



Specialized Concept Store Chelmsford

We started our life as a small family business, with a great passion and love for the sport of cycling. 

We opened a shop in Ipswich called Cycle Revolution and our dream was born. After dedicating ourselves to be the most usable and helpful bike shop around we started to expand; opening a store in Colchester too. Our staff are the heart of the business and they all drive for great customer service, this paired with our excitement around cycling meant we kept growing as the sport did and eventually opened our third store called Cycle Evolution. This is where our high end story begins, encompassing BG fit, custom bike builds, super strong customer relations and unrivalled product knowledge. We are proud to have created a legacy in cycling, to have enabled so many people to get out and ride and to have introduced them to the sport that we love so much. 

We then thought it was time to create another store. The Specialized Concept Store in Chelmsford. When you come and see us, you'll realise why we are so successful and how we give the customer the best possible experience. We have created a happy staff environment, which means an amazing experience for you and hopefully translating into a lot more people riding bikes.

Experience counts for a lot within the cycle world and we're proud to have staff who commute on bicycles every day, have taken holidays to ride on every continent by racing some of the hardest races & some of the most dangerous roads on earth. We've ridden with cycling legends as they chatted to us about design and where the industry is going, plus trained and raced against guys you now watch on the TV when the Olympics are on. We do all this because we love it, we give our advice based on real world experience which has been gained over a lifetime.