Body Geometry Fit



Have you been struggling with a niggle on the bike? Want to make sure your going as fast as your body will allow? Come to Chelmsford and view our in-house fit studio, we will get you comfy.

Our Body Geometry Fit Service here at Concept Chelmsford takes place in our custom built fit studio designed to give you the customer a private yet relaxed environment in which to get fitted with mile-meter precision. This is undertaken by our Level 2 trained fit expert Ian, who prides himself on getting his customers comfy, fast and happy and will not rest until all three are achieved.

Chelmsford has a big variety of different fitting adaptations in stock such as:

  • Full stock of bars in all different widths and reaches.
  • Nearly 40 different stems.
  • A wide range of shims and wedges.
  • A huge choice of foot-beds, including custom mould-able.
  • A variety of different pedal and shoe combinations.

          Peta Cavendish (formerly Peta Todd)

            In our fit studio getting comfy on her bike.