Retul Bike Fit



Retul Bike Fit

Have you been struggling with a niggle on the bike? Want to make sure you're as efficient as your body will allow? Come into the Specialized Concept Store Chelmsford for a fully comprehensive Retul Bike Fit.

We use the industry leading Retul Vantage motion capture analysis system, coupled with our very experienced fitter Ian. This combinations means you'll no longer need to entertain the idea that your bike is not adjusted correctly. The process itself is a 3-4 hour procedure which involves a detailed assessment of your skeletal and muscular structure as well as a number of flexibility tests. This then allows us to work with you to help you find a comfortable, balanced and efficient position on the bike by adjusting and changing components as necessary. 

The store includes a custom built space for bike fitting in our airy and spacious air conditioned fit room. This allows us to carry out your fit in a calm and spacious environment away from the distractions of the shop floor. We are well stocked with a range of handlebar, stem and seat post options allowing us to make changes quickly and easily. We also offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee with all new saddles because we understand that the only way to know if a saddle is right for you is to spend some time riding on it.

Through each step of the process your fitter will guide you through the captured data, advising of any postural changes required in addition to adjusting the Retul Muve fit bike to get you in your best position. On completion of your fit you will be given a detailed report on a USB stick, your bike will be sized to your new position and we will advise of any component changes needed which can be fitted in store ready for your next ride. Not sure which bike to get next? A fit is a great place to start to ensure that you get the correct model and size.

Chelmsford has a big variety of different fitting adaptations in stock including:

  • Full stock of bars in all different widths and reaches.
  • Nearly 40 different stems.
  • A wide range of shims and wedges.
  • A huge choice of foot-beds, including custom mold-able.
  • A variety of different pedal and shoe combinations.