The new year is all about jumping on new trends and trying different things. What better way to do just that than with a turbo-powered e-bike? Here are ten reasons why you should grab an e-bike this winter and join one of the fastest growing trends in cycling.

10 Reasons why you should get an Ebike this year

The new year is all about jumping on new trends and trying different things. What better way to do just that than with a turbo-powered e-bike? Here are ten reasons why you should grab an e-bike this winter and join one of the fastest growing trends in cycling:

1 – Free speed

Who doesn’t want a little extra oomph on their early morning ride? You guessed it, no one. An e-bike’s motor can help kick you into gear without having to expend too much precious energy.

Say goodbye to arriving at your destination all sweaty and gasping for breath. An e-bike does a lot of the leg work for you, allowing you to focus on the most important thing – the freedom of riding on two wheels.

The motors on our vast range of e-bikes help you attain speeds of 15.5mph, more than enough to keep up with and pass slow-moving and stationary traffic, getting you to your destination faster than any car, bus or taxi.


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2 – Ride longer

Unlike a normal bike, your e-bike won’t be limited to how much fuel you can stuff into your body at breakfast time. With a large battery boasting hours and hours of turbo juice at your disposal, you can ride for a whole lot longer than ever before.


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Whether that allows you to complete more errands around town or conquer that mountain you’ve always dreamed of climbing, the long-life batteries on our Turbo bikes open up a whole new world for the more casual of riders.

3 – Stay healthy

Not all of us have the fitness to just jump on a bike and pedal into the sunset. An e-bike allows people who find long and/or fast rides a little daunting to beat back their fears and get going, reaping the fitness benefits that come from longer days in the saddle.


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WAS £2250.00

4 – Save the environment

Not only do e-bikes help to keep us healthy, they also help to improve the health of the environment. With more people opting to commute by bike, there will be fewer cars releasing harmful gases and chemicals into the atmosphere.

Air pollution is a massive issue in today’s society, particularly in the major cities and towns. By removing just one car from the roads, a massive £8,000 can be saved in NHS and public health services that would otherwise have been spent on trying to remedy the adverse effects of poor air quality.

5 – Beat back the winter blues

The first weeks of the new year are often some of the worst. For many of us, it marks a return to work and the start of strict New Year’s resolutions. Combine that with the gloomy weather and it’s no wonder many of us struggle to smile during the winter months.

One of the best ways to stay active and jolly during this gloomy season is to ride your bike – nothing gets the endorphins flowing quite like a brisk pedal in the country air, and an e-bike helps you to do just that. Thanks to their long battery lives, you can carry on exploring the open road further and longer than ever before.


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6 – Money-savers

After the initial investment, all you need to do to maintain an e-bike is to buy a pair of new brake pads every few months and perhaps a new set of tyres or sparkly chain after the first year of use. Compare that to the price of running a car and the difference is striking.


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Yes, you can’t travel as fast or as far, but if you’re finding that your journeys are only around town and rarely more than 30 minutes from A to B, an e-bike is far more economically viable.

7 – The perfect commuter

As well as being a lot cheaper to maintain than a car, an e-bike is also the perfect beast for zipping to and from the office, especially if you’re working in a busy city. The average speed of a car in London’s city centre is a mere 7.5mph. With our e-bikes able to travel at speeds of 15.5mph you’ll be moving at twice the speed of the traffic around you, waving gleefully as you pass dozens of frustrated motorists.

Our Turbo Vado and Turbo Como bikes are optimised for inner city riding with their simple yet intuitive display, racks for carrying large bags and comfortable, upright geometry. For the casual rider looking for a less expensive and more environmentally friendly commuting machine, look no further than these two e-bikes.


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8 – Conquer the climbs

There’s always that one pesky climb on your local ride that forces you to quite literally crawl up its ramps. It is quite the frustrating experience, especially if several of your riding friends skip ahead and seemingly float to the top.



Why not show the climb, and your riding friends, who’s boss with an e-bike? People will look on in awe as you cruise effortlessly up the climb’s unforgiving ramps. Just remember to shout ‘last one to the top buys the coffees’ as you kick the motor into gear and jump ahead.

9 – Beat back the wind

Wind is like a cyclist’s kryptonite, with only masochists really revelling in their brutality. A headwind is the worst blow during the winter season, particularly when the air is freezing and laden with prickly moisture. This is where an e-bike really comes in handy, giving you that extra oomph to power through the wind and claw ever closer towards home. It’s quite the task to beat Mother Nature at her own game, but with a powerful motor and juice-filled battery at your disposal, an e-bike makes it possible.


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WAS £5500.00


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NOW £5000.00
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10 – Ride free, ride easy

Whether you’re a casual, experienced or truly devoted cyclist, there’s one love that we all share about our bikes – the unrestricted freedom that they grant us.

Pedal- or battery-powered, a bike helps us to explore the roads less travelled, visit places off limits to larger vehicles and meet a likeminded, friendly community of people.

Why not view the rest of our wide range of e-bikes right here? We’ve got one for just about every kind of rider, newbie or seasoned pro.


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