Allez Sprint – The Alloy Super Bike

Allez Sprint – The Alloy Super Bike

Allez Sprint – The Alloy Super Bike

We call it the world’s first alloy super bike because that’s exactly what it is. An alloy bike developed with everything we have learnt from the Tarmac SL7.As the UK and US launch videos showed with the help of crit megastars Alec Briggs and the Williams brothers, the only limits put on the bike are your own. 

Take a look at the specs and you'll see it's perfect for climbs, corners and flat-out sprints. Shimano 105 shifting and hydraulic disc brakes, DTR470 Disc alloy wheels and the Body Geometry Power saddle deliver the ultimate in performance and allow you to send it round corners with all the ferocity you would a carbon bike. In this article, let's take a look at what's going on underneath the rider to make the Allez Sprint so special. 

I can’t believe it’s not carbon 

The first thing that strikes you about the Allez Sprint is how it rides like a carbon bike but at an alloy price point. This is because, at Specialized, we have used everything we learnt from developing the Tarmac SL7 and put that research into constructing this alloy super bike. The bike even directly borrows from the Tarmac SL7 in the form of its carbon seat post which when combined with the durability of the powerful alloy frame, creates a bike that is ideal for hunting PRs, sending it on descents and attacking your mates to beat them to that sprint-marking road sign.

Unique framesets

Why not start your next bike build with one of these beautiful Allez Sprint framesets? The designs and colourways of the frames are perfect for all types of customisations so you can perfectly match this epic bike to your vibe and no-doubt unique kit. As at home on a coffee ride as a crit, these eye-popping paint jobs are bound to have heads turning. 


Smartweld is an innovation that takes the Allez Sprint to the next level as it is the key to the Sprint's supreme aerodynamics, power transfer and handling. A hydroformed bottom bracket and downtube from a single piece of alloy results in the most complex alloy headtube ever, and attached with Smartweld that brings out the best in the frame. This is because Specialized has engineered a way for the shape of the headtube to precisely match that of the top and downtubes at the intersect. No more weld flex, the freedom to choose materials with stronger, lighter, more precise results, these alloy bikes really are the best in the world. 

One-piece stability 

Unparalleled ride quality is, without doubt, a big selling point of the Allez Sprint. Dropped seatstays make the bike precise at the bars and by utilising the Tarmac SL7's proven geometry, a comfy bike is delivered. Fully optimised power transfer is also made possible thanks to a one-piece bottom bracket and downtube that delivers the efficiency of alloy but with unprecedented stability. This encourages speed and confidence in a rider as it balances the power at the pedals with input at the bars.

Getting aero

The Allez Sprint is super-fast thanks once more to what it has learnt from its extensively wind-tunnel tested sibling, the Tarmac SL7. In fact, the research and development are such that the new model is 41 seconds faster over 40-kilometres than the previous version. This is a huge improvement and could be the difference between podium champagne and a weak cup of service station tea. The time has been shaved off thanks to the complex alloy headtube and integrated cables that make it look as sleek as it rides.

L39ion tested

As if to prove the point that these bikes are ideal for fast-paced racing and crits, Specialized had America's number one criterium team, L39ion of Los Angeles, show you what the bike can do. You know a bike is fast when the Williams brothers and Ryan sisters enjoy taking it for a spin. L39ion are on a mission to eliminate boundaries and promote diversity, representation and inclusion as they change cycling for the better. It makes sense then that game-changers get a game-changing bike. 

To find out more about all the Allez Sprint, come down to one of our stores, and try it out for yourself on a test ride. Speak to one of our friendly staff members and get inspired to take this beautiful alloy machine out onto the roads. This is how alloy bikes should ride, look and feel.

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