An in depth look at our super shoes

An in depth look at our super shoes

An in depth look at our super shoes

When it comes to riding your bike, there are few more important pieces of equipment than your shoes. They drive power through the pedals and ensure all of your energy is transferred into forward momentum. No shoes, no fun.


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We’ve released some pretty spectacular shoes of late, both for the road and the off-road. Here’s an in-depth look at them…

The lightest cycling shoes ever made

There’s light and then there’s the S-Works EXOS, a shoe that totally re-defines what it means to be lightweight. We’ve stripped back all but the bare necessities, creating a shoe that’s so light it almost feels like a second skin – if skin could clip into the pedals that are.

The S-Works EXOS 99 shoes weigh in at an unbelievable 99g (for a size 42), a weight that’s never been seen before in the world of cycling shoes. To achieve such a lightweight design, we spent years analysing just the carbon outsole. To put it into perspective, we spent more time on this aspect of the shoe than we did on designing our entire Tarmac road bike.

Shaving weight in an outsole isn’t just cutting out holes and hoping for the best, oh no. We conducted countless pressure mapping tests to find out exactly where we could remove parts of the outsole and where we needed to reinforce, creating a shoe that was not only lightweight but also super stiff.


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By using incredibly lightweight Dyneema material, re-designing the heel area and adding a more malleable toe box, we were able to shave even more weight and create the final killer product. These are the absolute pinnacle of cycling shoe design, and to elevate further their exclusivity, only 500 pairs of the S-Works EXOS 99s will ever be made!

The 99s aren’t the only shoes in the line-up; we also have the standard S-Works EXOS as well. We use the word ‘standard’ loosely here – these shoes still weigh in at a feathery 150g (for a size 42).

This model uses a super-secure BOA dial instead of laces, which may be a little heavier, but they do allow for on-the-fly adjustment, making them a great option for road racers. The outsole is also a little heavier but equally as stiff, offering unparalleled levels of power transfer to the pedals below.


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The rest of the shoe’s construction is exactly the same, utilising Dyneema fabrics and a super-light exoskeleton design to create a shoe that is perfect for those riders looking to simply glide over any terrain.

World-class climber or speedy sprinter, these shoes are the perfect choice for those of you looking to take your road racing to the next level. Just make sure you pre-order soon if you want to get your hands on your own piece of cycling history.

The ideal adventure companion

We’ve been working on and honing the design of our Recons for the best part of 30 years, so it comes as no surprise to learn that these are the fastest off-road shoes on the market. Whether you’re sending it down rocky descents or charging over gravelled fire roads, the S-Works Recons can channel the power needed to reach the hottest and nastiest speeds.


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Off-road shoes need to strike a perfect balance between stiffness, durability and comfort – only then can they be considered ‘great’. The Recons have all three and more, making them the ultimate off-road shoe and by far the best we’ve ever made.

The dirt-specific carbon outsole is super-stiff and designed to hit the highest speeds. Paired with our Body Geometry PadLockTM Heelcup and no-stretch Dyneema upper material, you’re able to push these shoes to the absolute power limits. Locked in place and rock steady, your feet are able to act like powerful pistons, wasting no watts between you and the pedals.


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Fully-sealed S3 BOA dials on the S-Works recons create an impervious layer up top, ensuring no mud or trail dust find their way into the shoe. Durable TPU and Dyneema fabrics also help to wick away water and mud, keeping the shoes dry. Underneath, SlipNotTM rubber treads ensure grip while walking on the trail and, like the rest of the shoe’s construction, are built to stand the test of time.

As well as being super-stiff and super-durable, the Recons are also incredibly comfortable thanks to their shock-absorbing arches and Body Geometry inspired-design. Not only does the shoe boost comfort, but it also helps to improve your pedalling efficiency over time and therefore decrease the risk of any niggling knee, foot or ankle injuries.

A wide range

The Recons and the EXOS may sit at the pinnacle of their respective two-wheeled disciplines, but they’re not the only shoes we make that deserve the title of ‘super shoe’.

For the roadies, our S-Works 7 shoes are an extremely popular choice, especially among our sponsored WT and WWT teams like Deceuninck-Quick Step, BORA-Hansgrohe and Boels-Dolmans. Super-stiff, lightweight and designed for all-day comfort, they’re the perfect choice for long days in the saddle at high speeds.

Our Torch range is also optimised for the road, but in comparison to the S-Works 7s and S-Works EXOS, these shoes are a little more budget friendly. There are a number of different models, all of which utilise our unique Body Geometry construction and super-stiff outsoles to create an exceptionally speedy and comfy shoe.

In the off-road department, our 2FO Flats are a popular choice among downhill riders; a durable outer and grippy sole are perfectly suited to the rough and tumble of high-speed downhill racing.

For those wanting a more secure connection to the pedals, our clipless MTB shoes – like the S-Works 6 XCs, Riatas and Motodivas – are ideal. They’re optimised for cross-country riding, but are just as good on gnarly singletrack and speedy trails thanks to their extremely versatile designs.

These are just a selection of the super shoes we have on offer, make sure to view the entire range of road shoes and MTB shoes we have available. If you want to try a pair before you buy, then come down to one of our stores and get sized up.



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