Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

Think back to Christmas when you were a kid. The excitement. The weeks of anticipation. Getting up at 5am on the big day and creeping downstairs to see if Santa had been yet. Waiting for Grandma to wake up so you can get your mitts on those pressies…!

We make no excuses for getting the mince pies out early this year. Christmas is coming and here at Specialized we’ve got everything you need for that special cyclist in your life.

Keep ’em warm

Hands and feet have a tough time of it in winter, stuck out on the handlebars or down at the business end on the pedals. Ask any cyclist and they’ll tell you all they really want for Christmas is a fresh new pair of gloves and a set of shoe covers to fight off the winter chill. So, who are we to argue? 

Did you know that the number one item gifted at Christmas is the humble pair of socks? Well, why not up the stakes a little and give them a pair that won’t just sit in the drawer unused? Our winter socks are designed to provide supreme comfort on the bike for long rides in the cold weather. Combine with a pair of shoe covers like those above and you’ll have no worries about cold toes.

Toasty hands and feet are fine, but unless the rest of the body is warm as well, it’s going to be a tough old season. Ensuring the body’s core heat is retained is the key to a comfortable winter ride, one where you decide when you come home and not your shivering body.

Starting with a base layer, the right clothing makes all the difference. Don’t think you need to buy bulky, heavy clothing though – the fabrics in our latest winter kit are lightweight, insulated and waterproof. Just the ticket to burn off all that turkey!

Be safe, be seen

Staying visible to other road users is vital for cyclists on our busy roads, especially in the winter months when even the middle of the day can be gloomy. We recommend riders use lights on every ride at this time of year, day or night, and we’ve a huge range to suit all types of riding styles. Whether it’s a set of lights to ensure you stay visible, or a powerful lamp to light the lanes on a midnight adventure, Specialized lights the way.

New bike day?

Were you ever lucky enough to get a new bike for Christmas when you were young? It’s a memory a lot of us have; the gift that kickstarted the passion for cycling and that has stayed with us throughout our lives.

If we were kids now there is nothing we’d rather see beneath the tree come the big day than a Specialized whip. We probably wouldn’t stay still long enough to appreciate it, but there’s a lot of clever detail, bang up-to-date tech and a boatload of passion poured into each one. Seriously, these are the bikes we wish we could have ridden when we were nippers.

Starting your kids out on the right bike is essential. Too many of us were passed down bikes too big for us, with clunky gears and brakes that barely worked. One word of warning though: give your little ones a new Specialized bike and you can say goodbye to a lazy Christmas day in front of the telly – these things just call out to be ridden!

Of course, we’re all just big kids really. We’d be just as excited to get a new bike for Christmas. After all, why should the young ’uns have all the fun?!

We have a huge range of bikes for all types of rider in our stores and online. We’ve just unveiled our latest e-bike, the frankly incredible Turbo Creo SL, a road bike that just happens to have that little extra boost should you need it. For new riders, or those older or less fit than they once were, the Creo SL allows them to ride further than ever.

We’re excited for Christmas and can’t wait to see you. We’ll provide the mince pies! 

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