Dress from the ground up - all the essential winter items you need

Dress from the ground up - all the essential winter items you need

Dress from the ground up - all the essential winter items you need

Whether we like it or not, winter is here to stay, and with the off-season slump all but over, it’s time to turn our attention to winter training; taxing for some, exciting for others. It has been said that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing, and we couldn’t agree more. A pair of warm socks or a decent base layer can mark the difference between a painful ride and an epic ride. Make sure your lycra drawer features the following pieces of kit and prepare for an epic winter of riding.

Base layer

 A good base layer should be at the centre of all your cold weather outfits. Our Merino long-sleeved base is great for the coldest days with its two layered construction of merino wool on the outside and Dryarn on the inside. Using the finest Australian merino wool, it is a soft and comfortable layer which is excellent at regulating body temperature when worn against the skin. This particular item also features a rollneck collar to provide insulation around the neck.


 Another staple of the keen winter warrior, is a good pair of bib tights to insulate and protect from the elements. The Specialized Therminal SL Pro tights are warm and comfortable, made of Thermoroubaix fabric which is stretchy, strong and soft, and treated with Teflon for water repellence and breathability. This item uses the very best geometric padding, which is bacteriostatic and supplies great sweat absorption, while providing fantastic support where it is needed most.

Thermal jersey

 Arguably the most important part of your body to keep warm in winter is the core/chest area. Therefore a really good thermal jersey is a key component of the winter wardrobe. Our Therminal RBX Sport long-sleeved jersey takes its inspiration from the hardest conditions that riders come up against. It is made of a warm SL Soft fabric with a hydrophilic treatment to move sweat out and keep the body dry. Wear it over a base in the depths of winter or on its own in the spring or autumn.


Thermal jacket

 If you plan on riding throughout the winter, you will need a good jacket for the coldest days in the worst conditions. The Element RBX Pro Jacket would be a dependable option. Made of Event 310, a three-layer fabric made up of an abrasion resistant outer shell, hydrophilic inner layer and a breathable stretch membrane which is water- and wind-proof, it is a warm and versatile jacket to keep in your arsenal.

Accessories (gloves, socks, shoe covers)

 Depending on who you talk to, some would say that the very worst thing to get wrong is the insulation of your extremities. Your fingers and toes bear the brunt of the wind and if allowed to go numb with cold, will fast turn you into a miserable cyclist. It’s worth spending a little bit of dosh on good gloves such as the Element 1.5 which feature Gore WINDSTOPPER(R) Thinsulate(TM) insulation, to keep inclement weather at bay without compromising dexterity. A couple of pairs of knitted merino socks for warmth and breathability will never go amiss, and windproof shoe covers, like the Deflect Pro with reflective strips and warm fleece inner lining are a vital protective layer for your pistons.


Good, comfortable and warm kit equals a good winter in our book and we’ve got plenty of choice for you to assemble the best of winter wardrobes for your assault on the weather.

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