Equipment to unlock your downhill potential

Equipment to unlock your downhill potential

Equipment to unlock your downhill potential

Downhill mountain biking is arguably the most extreme experience you can have on a bike. Flying down a ramp and letting gravity and your eye decide where the two wheels below you will go, it’s more akin to the adrenaline-fuelled winter sports than it is to many other cycling disciplines. What comes with it is another unique, warm, friendly community of cyclists who encourage each other to push performance to their limits rather than revelling in an opponent’s misfortune. A pure discipline, it’s a simple battle of rider and machine versus gravity and terrain. 

As with any biking discipline, Specialized has been building the perfect formula to take the guesswork out of the ‘machine’ part of the equation. In this article, we take a look at our Demo MTB range and the apparel and kit that you need to unlock your full downhill potential. Speed, performance, style, handling and safety, Specialized has you covered. 

Demo – all out speed

The Demo is the definitive downhill speed machine with gravity-defying technology and speed-boosting components always prioritised. The Demo Race is the line’s pinnacle and always aims to conquer every downhill trail as fast as possible, no matter the conditions or technicality. This is Specialized’s target, and they achieve it through the 29” front and 27.5” rear wheel combination, a blend tested by four-time world champion Loïc Bruni, for the perfect balance of traction and manoeuvrability. So perfect in fact that UCI banned the setup’s use in competition until very recently. 

The winning combination now comes straight out of the box with an adjustable rear end that still allows you to switch out rear wheel sizes according to the terrain and riding style of the user. This will also account for the ideal chainstay length and bottom bracket height.

Sending it around every corner and over rough ground is the Demo Race’s bread and butter, and the bike’s suspension design has been developed around a more rearward axle path to reduce rear wheel hang-up and increase speed to maximise the amount of trail blazing you can do. The suspension from Ohlins has been proven at the top level of the sport so is ready for every eventuality, and SRAM’s downhill specific X01 drivetrain has your power output covered from start gate to finish line. It’s the ultimate downhill bike to unleash your wild side.

Downhill apparel 

When it comes to downhill, Specialized knows that feeling and looking stylish unlocks your performance almost as well as a brand-new bike can. That’s why hours of research and development has been put into the MTB clothing line. The extensive collection includes trail trousers that utilise ultra-breathable VaporRize fabrics, trail jerseys made from MiniR® sun-reflecting fabric and ride tees with patented drirelease® Cotton w/FreshGuard material which naturally manages moisture and odour build-up. No matter your whip, our apparel will keep up with your style and performance. 

The lid of champions

There is no downhill helmet quite like the Gambit, a DH-certified full face lid with plenty of ventilation. We say it redefines your comfort zone and with every component engineered to utilise a comprehensive approach resulting in performance, comfort and safety, the Gambit certainly lives up to the hype. Compliance with the U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older is another added detail for supreme confidence in the protective qualities of the helmet. Finally, with designs in black, dove grey/maroon, oak green and white sage, there are plenty of options to match lid to bike and kit.

The right kicks for performance and style

Downhill flats are probably the coolest looking cycling shoes in the sport. You’d be forgiven for thinking riders were just wearing stylish trainers, but in fact they are using well-designed, robust shoes to propel their performance. With ample protection, hold and SPD integration, they give you the confidence to send it hard. The SlipNot FG rubber sole delivers the ideal amount of pedal grip when the trail gets rowdy, and you just need any old part of the sole to attach to the bike. When things get gnarly, you’ll be relieved you have the 2FO DH Clip shoe. 

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, there is no better way to unlock that side of your cycling than with the wide range of downhill MTB products from Specialized. Head to your local Specialized Concept Store, where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect MTB bike and equipment for you. No matter your trail, there is adventure around every turn and with Specialized the options for discovery become limitless. Click here to find your nearest store.

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