Everything you need to know about Specialized e-bikes

Everything you need to know about Specialized e-bikes

Everything you need to know about Specialized e-bikes


Once upon a time, electric bikes – better known as e-bikes – were high-priced, uncool and pushed to the back of the cycling hive mind. However, as the tech improves and the costs come tumbling down, the general opinion of e-bikes has risen to such levels that even elite pro mountain bikers are extending their careers thanks a bit of extra turbo power.

What is an e-bike?

As the technology moves forward and public perception improves, e-bikes are moving away from designs where the motor and battery are mounted on what looks very much like a conventional hybrid bike frame and towards a deliberate, purpose-built e-bike that conceals the all-important electric parts within a slick and racy frame. Typically, the motor takes its cue from the rider, adding to the power pressed through the pedals rather than carrying all the responsibility for forward motion.

Is it for you?

Probably. Everyone from individuals recovering from illness or injury, commuters reluctant to turn up to work in a sweaty mess, all the way to mountain bikers looking to extend their adventures until sunset will find something to suit them in the Specialized e-bike range.


The range

Hybrid commuters

Both the Specialized Como and Vado are designed to be comfortable, intuitive and inspiring. The Como’s hybrid women’s geometry and step-through frame put comfort at the top of the priority list, and with a single chainring crankset and disc brakes, the completely overhauled Turbo 1.2 pedal-assist motor will get you from A to B with efficiency and peace of mind.

Coming in both men’s and women’s models, the Turbo Vado’s lean frame incorporates a Suntour fork for added suspension and comfort. The Turbo 1.2 motor comes with three different settings controlled via the custom-made computer and Mission Control app combo, and with a top speed of 20mph, the Turbo Vado can continue to assist you for up to 93 miles when in Economy mode. Designed for people with a busy lifestyle, these hybrid e-bikes promise to buy you back precious time.


Turbo Levo

The best thing about the Turbo Levo range is its promotion of fun whatever the weather, terrain or fitness of its rider. With the Levo in your stable you can say goodbye to adventures cut short by tired legs and aching lungs. The consistent torque and instant pedal feedback provided by the Turbo 1.2 motor will extend your rides over more adventurous terrain without you having to get off and push – or hitch a lift to the top. You can get the Levo in a hardtail or FSR version with both men’s and women’s geometry – making the right combination of dexterity, acceleration and comfort easy to find.


Specialized Kenevo

The Specialized Kenevo is based on the Enduro, our high performance all-mountain trail bike, and builds on the base laid down by the Turbo Levo FSR. Put simply, the Kenevo has the same unbeatable downhill credentials as the Enduro but with the added bonus that the pedal-assist will propel you back up the hills with ease, making uplifts a long-distant memory. Mounted on a full suspension frame with an Öhlins coil shock out back and RockShox fork up front, the Turbo 1.3 motor and integrated battery come together to provide a whole 15% more power than previous models. This is a performance e-bike if ever there was one.



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