Feeling adventurous? The new Sequoia and Burra Burra

Feeling adventurous? The new Sequoia and Burra Burra

Feeling adventurous? The new Sequoia and Burra Burra

The trend for adventure riding seems to be gathering pace with every passing month. More and more cyclists, be they mountain bikers or roadies, are discovering the joys of heading out into the wilds, just them and a bike loaded down with everything they might need for a few days in nature.

Of course, travelling by bike with your gear along with you is nothing new – it’s just that technology has really come on, allowing us to explore further and faster than ever before.


Adventure Dispatch

To celebrate expeditions by bicycle Specialized has teamed up with some pretty amazing adventurers to create a series of films about this new-old breed of cycling. We’re calling it the Adventure Dispatch and so far we’ve featured four fantastic stories. You can watch one of our favourites below.



Of course for riding like this you need a bike that is fit for the purpose, which is why Specialized has created a new model specifically for exploring roads and paths less travelled.


The new Sequoia adventure bike is all about utility – it’s rigged with loads of mounts and rack holes, so you can set it up exactly how you want it. The low bottom bracket gives it fantastic control, regardless of the terrain you’re going to tackle. One of the biggest features that makes it equipped for anything though is the hydraulic disc brakes – superb stopping power and sure-footedness.

The bike comes in three options – the Expert, the Elite and the base model. The Expert sits at the top of the pecking order, thanks to its SRAM Force 1 groupset and handbuilt Cruzero wheels, while the Elite has the just-as-reliable Shimano 105 gearing. The base model is the only one of the three not to feature a carbon fibre fork.


Once you’ve got the bike, you’re going to want some way of transporting your clothes, food and camping equipment. One of the defining pieces of gear in the adventure riding world is the seatpost bag – a relatively new innovation that does away with cumbersome rear rack and pannier systems, in favour of a streamlined, lightweight solution that won’t impede your progress. For 2017 Specialized is introducing the Burra Burra Stabilizer – a premium seatpost bag that delivers on all the key criteria; weight, strength and resistance to the elements.


The Stabilizer is available in either a 10- or 20-litre capacity, with the latter only recommended for mid to large size frames. You can still use it with a smaller frame, but you may find that the extra weight at the rear makes the ride experience a little skittish.

If you need more carrying space, perhaps for a longer expedition, then you’ll want to run either the Burra Burra Drypack on the front of your handlebars, or the five-litre Framepack which hangs from the top tube. Both offer the same superb resistance to the elements and give you quick access to items you might want to hand.

With a bike and some bags – all you need now is an idea for an adventure, let the Adventure Dispatch fuel your inspiration.


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