Get the connection

Get the connection

Get the connection

Pro riders and their teams spend an awful lot of time getting themselves set up for the most comfortable and aerodynamic position on the bike. There are a lot of very sound reasons for this – the right set up means they can hold their most efficient position on the bike for longer, remain as aero as possible, reduce fatigue and avoid injury at the same time.


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It has always been so. Watch A Sunday In Hell, the wonderful film documenting the 1976 Paris-Roubaix, and you’ll see Eddy Merckx on the eve of the race employing a spirit level, tape measure and metal ruler to check and double-check the position of his bars, brake levers and saddle. Even during the race, when there’s a lull in proceedings caused by a demonstration, he returns to his team car for a spanner to tinker yet again. Eddy knows – getting the connection with your bike dialled can be the difference between a grand day out and a long day in hell.

Settle in for the ride

If you’re planning on spending some quality time in the saddle, be that head-to-head in a race or side-by-side with your mates on the Sunday club run, your saddle is as important as choosing the correct tyres for the conditions and ensuring your #sockgame is on point. Specialized saddles are designed to tick the performance and comfort boxes at the same time, all the time. There are few things more likely to put you off getting on the bike than the thought of a numb bum, so get this part right and you’ll be riding high all year round.

It goes without saying that saddle choice is a highly personal one, but with our expertise, we’ve got you in good hands. Whether you ride off-road or on, in time trials or simply for the love of it, settle in with us.

Specialized saddles come in a variety of widths – the one you choose is determined by the measurement between your sit bones. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to hunker down with your tape measure. Just come down and see our experts in store who will get you set up with the right perch for your peach. The first ride with a saddle suited to you is one you’ll not forget – no more shuffling around trying to get comfy, you’ll just find you’re comfortably settled in, at one with the bike, not perched on top of it. With less energy spent fidgeting about you’ll have more for the important business of riding. Shaped for comfort, designed to enhance power transfer and with strategically placed cutouts, a Specialized saddle sets you up for one comfy ride.

Up close and personal

Alongside the saddle, the cockpit is another important contact point between you and your bike. The cockpit refers to the front end of the bike, the handlebars and stem, and the right set up for you encourages the most efficient body shape without excess stress on your back, arms and shoulders. It can make the difference between a great ride and one that just feels wrong.

Even small changes can have a huge impact. For instance, using handlebars the correct width for your body shape and a stem length that suits your flexibility and style. Here at Specialized we have a huge range of cockpit components and the expertise to ensure you can get your bike to fit exactly as required.

Setting your ride up right is just as important for mountain bikers as roadies. When you’re drilling it downhill it pays to be in the right place to shift your body position, tweak your balance and squeeze the brakes. If you’re planning on throwing some shapes at the trail centre it pays to do it in comfort as well as style.

Take the steps to your perfect fit

Dialling in your overall bike fit is the best way to connect with your bike, optimising comfort and improving power transfer and endurance. If you’re set up correctly you can hold your most efficient position for longer, reducing fatigue and retaining your strength for when it matters most.

If you’re as serious about time on the bike as we are, our comprehensive Retül Fit system is the best there is. From pro riders right through to the everyday Joe, all have benefitted from the Retül system, giving them what they need to be the very best by having their equipment and position tailored to their unique body shape. Give us a call and book your appointment today.



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