Get the grip

Get the grip

Get the grip

Riding along on a summer day, the wind in your hair and the smells of the countryside filling your nose, have you ever glanced down and considered your tyres? Have you thought about what an important role they play in the ride? We have. In fact, at Specialized we spend a heck of a lot of time thinking about that little strip of rubber that keeps you stuck to the road.

We’ve been designing tyres for over 40 years, and in that time we’ve developed something of an obsession. And for good reason – your tyres are what keeps you rolling, keeps you shiny side up and keeps you smiling. Choosing the right tyres for the job is as important as making sure you choose the correct bike size and ensuring you get the biggest slice of cake at the café.

The first item on our checklist when we’re designing tyres is what their intended use will be. Are they going to be put through their paces every day, in all weathers, in the busy urban jungle? Or will they need to keep you upright through rooted, mucky rock sections at the local woods? Once we know this, we get the coffee on and start really dialling into what each rider needs for each tyre.

Ride, ride, ride

For your ride to work, it doesn’t matter whether it’s cracking the flags or raining cats and dogs, you just gotta go. Riding to work requires a reliable tyre, one that is tough enough to take the famous two-pronged attack of British weather and dubious road surfaces in its stride, and that can also cope with a short cut along the towpath - rolling fast and easy all the time. You might also encounter the odd bit of glass or other tyre-shredding sharp objects. All of this is why we design our commute tyres tough, ready for anything that might get in your way.

We’ve been putting puncture protection in our tyres for many years now. The Armadillo tech in the Nimbus gives you the confidence to ride anywhere no matter what, as does the BlackBelt protection in the Infinity Sport Reflect. The Reflect also features reflective accents, providing increased visibility so you can get home safe and sound every time.

Race, race, race


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When the heat is on in the race, whether that’s the finish line on the Champs Élysées or down at your local crit, the power you’re throwing down will get you nowhere without the right rubber beneath you. Featuring our own Gripton compound, providing low rolling resistance and incredible grip through corners, the Turbo is the tyre for those who demand the best. In fact, it’s so good it’s the tyre Peter Sagan chooses to race on, so we decided to make a special edition for him. And for you too.

Lose the tube

Our mountain biking brethren have been extolling the virtues of tubeless tyres for a while now. By removing the inner tube there’s one less thing to worry about, you can run lower tyre pressures, have a more comfy ride and reduce the chance of flats all at the same time. Roadies and gravel grinders too are slowly getting in on the fun, and our tubeless tyres provide all the grip and grab you need. Just ensure your wheels are set up for tubeless – if you’re unsure give us a call or pop in and we’ll set you on the right track.

Knobbly fun

Talking of mountain biking, we’ve spent just as long designing the perfect tyre for those who prefer their riding a little gnarly. With soft rubber compounds that stick to wet rocks and roots, and knob patterns designed to grip hard and shed muck at the same time, rolling a Specialized tyre beneath you provides the confidence to ride where others might prefer to walk.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Whether you roll tubeless or with inner tubes, you’ve got to be sure you have the right stuff inside your tyre. A tough inner tube means you can keep riding no matter what, and ours are designed to roll smoothly, ride after ride.

If you ride tubeless, ensure you’ve got some of our sealant in the tyre. Proven by our Factory Team athletes it seals small tears and punctures in no time, sometimes without you even realising it’s happened. Our sealant is ammonium, protein and latex-free, so it holds no potential for allergic reactions, and there's no risk of it causing damage to bike parts.

If you’ve got any more questions about running tubeless, our in-store staff will be more than happy to help. Click here to find your nearest store.



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