Get your child riding this Christmas

Get your child riding this Christmas

Get your child riding this Christmas

Is there any better gift for a kid at Christmas than a bike? We all remember our first bikes and if anything, it is the most special of any bike you will ever own, the one that started it all.

Specialized has a great range of kids’ bikes, so to help you make your little one’s year, below is a summary of our range.


Balance bikes are probably the most simple but coolest bikes on the market, we’re not afraid to say that we wish we’d grown up throwing these around. A balance bike is a perfect first bike for a toddler. It’s in the name; a balance bike teaches the most crucial skill of cycling, actually sitting on the thing, before having to think about the tricky stage of pedalling or changing gears.

The Hotwalk was built to help a child through this learning process. The Hotwalk will build your child’s strength and stability up so they are ready to take on the next bike. A child who has used a balance bike will usually steam through the stabiliser stage too.


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A few special perks are reserved for the Hotwalk. A tough A1 Premium Aluminium frame was designed specifically to be robust and kid-proof – there is not much on it you can break – and combined with Airless Rhythm Lite Sport tyres that will never go flat, the Hotwalk enables your little one to explore as much as they want.

The Hotwalk comes in a boys’ and girls’ model with plenty of colourways, so your child can ride a bike that’s their favourite colour (for this week at least).


Riprock Coaster 

The Riprock Coaster is a child’s first proper bike, built with fun in mind. Single gear, pedals, a front brake and stabilisers all make for the perfect first riding machine. It’s easy to ride with quick responsive steering and features a low standover height so your child can get on and off easily.

We know that these bikes can take a pounding. Whether it’s being thrown down on the driveway or ridden into the occasional bush, the aluminium frame is both light and durable, not to mention fully kid-tested. The steel coaster brake is reliable and easy to use, and even then, a handle on the saddle puts Mum and/or Dad back in control.


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The Riprock Coaster comes in a 12” wheel for 3-5-year olds and a 16” wheel suitable for 5-6-year olds. Both models are kitted out with Rhythm Lite tyres, making them ready for all types of terrain. 


If your child is off the stabilisers and ready for the next challenge, it’s time for the Hotrock. Specialized have designed this bike with local parks, trails and loops in mind, and as a stepping stone towards longer days in the saddle. An important addition to the Hotrock is the SR Suntour suspension fork with 50mm of travel that smooths out rough terrain.



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The Hotrock comes in a 20” wheel for 6-9-year-olds and 24” wheel for the 9-12 bracket. The Hotrock 20 is fitted with 7-speed Shimano Tourney gears which shift smoothly and are tough enough to withstand the odd fall. These are perfect for teaching your child how to use gears which in turn will build their confidence and ambitions. The 24” version, being slightly larger, has 8-speed Shimano Tourney and as a result, is the perfect bike for your youngsters first big ride.


They put disc brakes on a kid’s bike! The Riprock might just be one of the best-looking bikes out there.

Kids are filled with tonnes of energy and adventurous spirit, and the Riprock was built to give your child the freedom to seek out the terrain they love most. The Tektro mechanical disc brakes and Shimano Revoshift shifters are both uncomplicated bits of tech which are intuitive for children to use.

The robust frame can withstand tough use and the geometry helps the kid to grow with their bike. The Riprock’s performance is shown off no better than in this video featuring Joel Anderson (a grown-up) on one of his favourite trails. 

The Riprock comes in a 20” wheel for 6-9-year-olds and 24” wheel for 9-12-year-olds. The Riprock 20 comes with an SR Suntour XCT fork that delivers 60mm of travel, and the slightly larger Riprock 24 is kitted out with the same fork, but with an extra 10mm of travel. Both bikes have enough to absorb the big bumps and the 2.8-inch tyres deliver supreme comfort and traction for when your child is shredding the trails.

We all know cycling is the best sport in the world so, this Christmas, give your child the gift of a bike – they will most certainly thank you for it later.


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