Improve your commute with a hybrid bike

Improve your commute with a hybrid bike

Improve your commute with a hybrid bike

Hybrid bikes are all the rage in urban and rural communities alike, favoured by riders looking to upgrade their commutes and improve their fitness, and Specialized boasts some of the best and most popular hybrid bikes that the world has to offer. Consistent test winners and bestsellers in urban bike shops, the Specialized fitness range has something for everyone from the beginner just setting out in the world of hybrid bikes to the commuter after a swift and stylish means of getting from A to B.

Check out this video for a bit of inspiration and a taste of what our hybrid bikes have to offer:

What is a hybrid bike?

We all know what a mountain bike is. Road bikes – even more simple. But what do we mean by a hybrid bike? Well, a hybrid bike is essentially a mix of a road and mountain bike, suitable for various types of terrain from the canal path to the Cycle Superhighway, which is why ‘hybrid’ has become almost synonymous with ‘commuter’. These bikes usually have the sort of flat handlebars found on mountain bikes rather than those curly drop bars you find on road bikes. This means that hybrid bikes tend to borrow shifting and braking components from the MTB world and feature a more upright riding position. While this does mean that speed is somewhat compromised on the road, comfort gets an upgrade as a result. Other features include wider tyres offering greater comfort, mudguard mounts as standard, and disc brakes for greater consistency and reliability whatever the weather.

Some hybrids lean closer to road bike design like the Specialized Sirrus, while others, like the Crosstrail, take more cues from the MTB market. Let’s take a look at what we at Specialized have to offer below.



The Specialized Sirrus has come top of its class over and over again, and for good reason. The 2018 model is no different, upholding the bike’s reputation for versatility and comfort which makes it the perfect commuter bike. The new iteration takes these things to a whole new level with updated Body Geometry engineering in the frame, and the top-end models benefit from a fitness-specific version of our Future Shock suspension made famous by the Roubaix, Ruby and Diverge.

Like the 2018 Tarmac range, the 2018 Sirrus is part of our new initiative that does away with gender-specific bikes, instead optimising the same frame characteristics for different body shapes. Using a huge repository of data from Retül bike fits, our design team concluded that every rider is different in shape and size and that trying to separate customers into opposing gender categories was a lost cause. The new Sirrus range features men’s and women’s models of the same frameset design, in either carbon or aluminium, where the only real differences are in the seat tube length and gender-specific saddles and bars. All are ultimately tailor-made for a comfortable commute.



The carbon fibre models are designed for commuters who are serious about their fitness and who want a bike that will boost their motivation. The Sirrus Pro shares many characteristics with our top-level road bikes including a lightweight and responsive FACT 9r carbon frame constructed with climbing in mind, and the bar-raising Future Shock suspension in the head tube that promises to improve comfort while increasing performance. That’s not a common combination!

All the carbon fibre models feature the immense stopping power of hydraulic disc brakes to boost confidence, reliability and agility in the urban environment and on the more rugged weekend terrain. The range starts at a modest £1,350 with the Sirrus Elite Carbon which comes equipped with a mix of microSHIFT and Shimano components and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. At the top of the line, you’ll find the Sirrus Pro Carbon which comes with a £2,200 price tag as well as Future Shock suspension and Shimano Ultegra components.


As for the alloy models, our designers have taken a no-nonsense approach to the builds, ensuring reliability and longevity are sustained across the board. Starting at £425 with the Men’s and Women’s Sirrus Alloy and topping out at a tempting £900 with the Sirrus Elite Alloy, the durable aluminium frames are paired with resilient components that will keep you riding on the road to fitness whatever the weather.



While the Sirrus is optimised for the urban environment, the Crosstrail takes the fitness mould and turns it off-road, designed to banish any worries you might have about the terrain beneath your wheels. This bike sits in the sweet spot between comfort and efficiency with both alloy and carbon models to suit every rider’s needs. The range starts at £450 with the entry-level mechanical disc edition, and climbs to the Crosstrail Expert Carbon at £1,700, complete with FACT 9r carbon frame and SR Suntour NCX fork with Fitness Brain Technology. Whichever Crosstrail model you choose, you will find a build suitably equipped for efficiency, comfort and reliability across all terrains and any weather conditions.

Whether it’s a fitness quest you’re embarking on or just your everyday commute, we’ve got a hybrid bike to get you where you need to be comfortably, efficiently and with buckets of confidence.

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