Introducing the stunning new Roval CLX 50

Introducing the stunning new Roval CLX 50

Introducing the stunning new Roval CLX 50

You might have wondered how we could possibly improve on our super-fast aero CLX 64 wheelset, but here we are with a lighter, shallower rim profile that brings the same incredible aerodynamic performance, but with a sub-1,400g weight for the set. At these heights, that weight is frankly ridiculous.

Of course, it was a huge benefit that we’d spent so much time developing both the CLX 64 and the CLX 32, because we were able to use all the experience we had from those processes to make the 50 as remarkable a wheel as possible. Don’t believe us? Here’s how we made it happen.

How we created a unicorn

It’s no joke that we call this the unicorn wheel – it’s a long sought-after, near-mythical beast with more than a sprinkle of magic about it.

We began by doing some studies on rims of different depths, eventually discovering that to come in under that magic 1,400g mark we would struggle to get deeper than 50mm. With that marker set, we then threw every trick in the book at producing a rim that was both light and durable.

On the disc brake clicher we didn’t have the restrictions of creating a braking track on the rim, which freed us up considerably. We ended up with a rim 20g lighter than a rim brake option. 

We also were able to use our newly developed Roval AF hubs – allowing us to choose lighter spokes, without compromising on the lateral stiffness and durability you’ve come to know and expect from a Roval wheel.

Aero pros

We’re lucky to have not only some of the best aerodynamic testing technology in the business, but also some of the sharpest minds in the field to help us find the surest, swiftest path through the air with every piece of gear, from a TT bike frame, right down to a shoe cover that ends up saving you vital seconds. 

When we tested the CLX 50 we found it has noticeably better aero performance than other wheels in its class, despite the mid-depth wheel being a notoriously crowded and competitive bracket.

We whittled down possible rim geometries with use of computer technology until we had three favourites, which we then took to test in the Specialized Win Tunnel – where else?

What we discovered in the Win Tunnel was that you wouldn’t believe how big a difference a seemingly micro adjustment can make to a wheel’s aero performance. From width, to curvature to rim track – it all counts. 

We’re also thankful for the DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, which we found to have a further measurable gain over rounded spokes. 

Can you bear it?

Just like our other Roval CLX wheels, the 50 comes with CeramicSpeed bearings. That might not mean much to you – depending on your level of bike geekery – but if you wanted to upgrade a set of rims with these bad boys it’d cost you £500. We’ve proved these bearings save you crucial watts over a long TT or race. 

Great for wider or tubeless tyres

The wider rim of the CLX 50 means it’s great for riding a wider tyre. That means you get compounded benefits of fatter tyres (like greater comfort, improved traction and reduced rolling resistance), while the tyre itself is better supported.

We also offer tubeless compatibility, with super-light tubeless plugs shipping with every wheel so you can effectively seal each spoke hole individually and an alloy valve stem. This means there’s no extra cost to running a tubeless setup.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

The internal hubs are DT Swiss 240s Star-Ratchet, which again, may seem like a bit of a mouthful – but essentially means that they require no special tools to take apart and service, and that spares and replacements pieces are easily found. Which adds up to a set of hubs that are easy to maintain and upgrade.

All our Roval wheels have have easily switchable end caps and freehub bodies for wheels that are both adaptable and upgradeable. All the rear wheels will come with an eleven-speed freehub body that’s compatible with SRAM and Shimano. 

With your wheelset you’ll also get all the skewers you need, Swiss Stop brake pads (the very best in stopping power) as well as a padded wheel bag. 

By creating wheel that gives you the absolute edge, the ideal wheel for the situation, or a wheel so well-made that even when it’s not optimal, the advantages you’re giving away are absolutely negligible. Simply, with unparalleled testing and refinement, the Roval CLX 50 is simply the best mid-depth aero wheel you’ll find on the market right now.  And we don’t see that changing any time soon either.


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