Introduction to the Turbo Tero

Introduction to the Turbo Tero

Introduction to the Turbo Tero

Ever wanted a bike that could well and truly do it all? We know, it’s an overused phrase in the cycling industry, but at Specialized we pride ourselves on making bikes people actually want to ride. We think people shouldn’t have to be limited by tyre size or frame geometry, so we built a rather special bike that can ride anywhere on an everyday ride. Let us introduce to you, the Specialized Turbo Tero. 

The Turbo Tero

If you're unfamiliar with this bike, let us paint you a picture. Imagine you've finished work, you shared the road with slower traffic on your two-wheeled morning commute - because you're awesome - and the sun is still shining. "Hmm, it's a nice day, perhaps I could take the longer route home," you think, smiling gleefully to yourself. But the long way home involves a trip along the canal, on bridleways, and as a bonus, you can cut through the local bike park to follow some flowy trails. You look down at your bike, but it’s not exactly compatible with this sort of ride, with 23mm tyres and a distinct lack of suspension. 

This is where the Turbo Tero comes into its own. It’s hard to define where exactly we should categorise this e-bike, as it combines mountain bike capabilities with commuter bike comfort. For the Turbo Tero, no diversion from the road is too much.  

The frame

The Turbo Tero comes in a few different frame options. Why? Because we want cycling to be more accessible, and by giving people the choice between a step-through frame or a crossbar frame, we can attract more people to the wonderful world of cycling. Whether that be commuting or leisure riding, everyone deserves a bike they are comfortable riding. 

In our line-up, we currently offer step-through, crossbar, and EQ frames. The EQ means it comes with a rear rack, making the bike even more useful. With the addition of the rack, you can attach pannier bags with ease and not have to worry about getting a sweaty back from your rucksack. It also means shopping is a breeze and the addition of the motor makes carrying lots of weight on the back that little bit more enjoyable. 

The Tech

So what makes it such an impressive bike? Naturally, the biggest talking point is the motor and battery. It is, after all, what makes this bike electric and thus improves enjoyment a hundredfold. Okay we might be a bit biased but electric bikes can be for everyone, you don’t need to have a reason to buy one. They're great fun and can take the strain off when you're feeling tired or start looking longingly at the car. 

The higher-end models such as the Turbo Tero 5.0 feature the Specialized 2.2 custom-tuned motor, which comes with a whopping 90Nm of torque – this means it's got some kick, so you'll be first off the line at the traffic lights. Even the mid-range models like the Turbo Tero 4.0 come equipped with some serious torque, 70Nm to be precise. 

As it is also designed to be ridden on the trails, the Turbo Tero comes with a 110mm-travel fork, of which specification depends on the model. This is XC territory and promotes a smooth, comfortable ride off the trail while soaking up the lumps and bumps on the trail. 


If you want a little bit more from your bike, there are some additional extras you can purchase. For example, if you wanted to plan a touring trip, then consider doubling your batteries for the extra range they give you. Riding in the rain? Then mudguards are your friend. And of course, we also stock replacement items like chargers and cables for those rare occasions you might need one. 


It's no secret the Turbo Tero is a versatile bike, ideal for everyone from daily commuters to off-road tourers. It's capable and provides powerful torque to help you climb efficiently on and off-road. Not sure which model is right for you? Head to one of our local Specialized Concept Stores where our friendly team will be able to advise you. Find the location of your nearest store here.

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