New MTB helmets for 2022

New MTB helmets for 2022

New MTB helmets for 2022

Specialized MTB helmets have never looked so good, and new for 2022 is a fleet of lids that are uncompromising when it comes to style, performance and safety. From trail shredding to social rides and everything in between, in the Ambush 2, Tactic and Camber helmets, there’s something for every ride and every rider no matter the skill level. With all the helmets benefitting from MIPS with ANGI technology, you can be confident that your head will have ample protection on your next epic MTB adventure. The Ambush 2 and Camber were even awarded the highest 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating™ from the internationally renowned Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

In this article we take a look at the new models, the details that set them apart from one another, and which helmet is best suited to the type of off-road riding that you’re into. 

Ambush 2

Leading the way is the fully redesigned Ambush 2. Packed with features essential for next-gen trail riding, the helmet combines ventilation, modern styling, a superb fit and eyewear integration into one of the most advanced all-day MTB helmets on the market. With designs in black, deep marine, red, white, white sage and wild dove grey, there’s even a colourway to fit your style.

The Ambush 2 boasts as much tech as any bicycle. The SBC Integrated Fit system and adjustable Tri-Fix splitters provide the perfect fit, while the Occipital Base Adjustment ensures the helmet sits precisely on your brow. This means there is seamless integration with goggles and glasses, which leads to an unblocked view down the trail. The helmet even has hidden rubber flaps for secure storage of your glasses.

Ventilation has also been upgraded thanks to the special Computational Fluid Dynamic design that integrates channelling for internal airflow with 4D brow cooling, essentially drawing heat away from your head on those long, hot summer epics. 

Finally, a medium Ambush 2 comes in at a breezy 360 grams, thanks in part to its advanced construction and strategically optimised dual-density EPS foam that cuts down on bulk and minimises weight. If you’re a committed trail shredder, look no further than the Ambush 2.



Perfect for endurance riding, the Tactic has all the features an all-day rider could want and need, including brilliant ventilation and seamless goggle/glasses integration. Coming in black, cast blue, doppio, dove grey, oak green and white, the style box is also well and truly ticked. 

The Tactic perfectly accommodates all head shapes through its Fit System, and also benefits from Occipital Base Adjustment to ensure that your eyewear and helmet are in sync. 

The medium-sized helmet weighs 380 grams, ten more than the Ambush 2, but the helmet integrates the same Computational Fluid Dynamic technology to ensure maximum airflow through the helmet. Fitting neatly in the middle of the MTB range, the Tactic is a ‘do-it-all’ helmet that bridges the gap between Camber and Ambush 2, like a perfectly placed stretch of Northshore.



You don’t need to be an advanced MTB rider to benefit from the incredible technology that Specialized helmets provide. Aimed at the casual off-road rider who still wants the ventilation, safety and perfect fit but at a cheaper price, the Camber is a new addition to the trail range and offers that dialled fit for shredders of all sizes, including kids. Coming in some awesome designs and colour combinations, including sleek black, oak green/black, redwood/garnet red, smoke/black, white, white dune/purple orchid and white sage/deep lake metallic, the Camber has a look for all characters. 

Equipped with all the comfort, style and ventilation properties you have come to expect from Specialized, the Camber is strikingly similar to the top-tier Ambush 2. As for how it feels and fits on your head, the medium size weighs approximately 370 grams and is available in five sizes from extra small to extra large. The extra small is ideal for children who have outgrown a child’s specific helmet and want a cooler look for their protective headgear.

It may be cheaper, but the Camber still features plenty of tech, including a Headset SX-dial system combined with adjustable Tri-Fix web splitters for the perfect fit. The overall construction also optimises airflow throughout the helmet and a fixed integrated visor puts the cherry on the comfort cake. This is the go-to helmet for fun-loving MTB enthusiasts no matter what age. 

Want to try on the latest innovation in cycle helmet technology? Head to your local Specialized Concept Store where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect fit for your next MTB adventure. Protect your head and look good too while you carve your way down any number of off-road trails. Click here to find your nearest store.

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