New Years resolution - try something new

New Years resolution - try something new

New Years resolution - try something new

We’re winding our way to the end of the year, the time for New Year’s resolutions. Eat less, drink less, exercise more – all pretty common themes. These trivial promises to ourselves are often broken within minutes of the clock striking midnight but were here to tell you to ditch the boring resolutions and go for a fun one on us. Make 2020 the year you pick a new discipline, a new bike, a new adventure. The bike is the best tool to make sure you stick to your goals in the new decade.

Cross is boss

The cyclocross season is in full swing, so why not get in on the action in 2020 with one of our CruX bikes. Our 2020 range is our best yet and you may have already seen the S-Works CruX being raced by Tom Pidcock this season. With super lightweight components, a 1x drivetrain and Roval CLX 50 disc wheels this bike beats all ‘cross bikes out there. The CruX is intended for racing with geometry designed for easy shouldering and a lower bottom bracket to get the best lines on tight corners.


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The CruX Expert and Elite are built for performance. With reliable braking thanks to hydraulic disc brakes, the CruX is ready to take on the toughest terrains. This is a mud carver and the perfect bike for your first cyclocross race. If you have been thinking of joining the mud-filled bonanza of ‘cross you absolutely should, it’s arguably the most accessible and fun form of racing.

Road to gravel 


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If you are seeking out a new adventure in 2020, you have to do it on a gravel bike. The best adventures are off road – the open trail, rocks crunching beneath your tyres, the smell of pine and the noise of birdsong uninterrupted by life’s everyday trappings. Gravel is the best thing to happen to cycling in years.

Gravel riding and racing is the next chapter in off-road cycling. Our Diverge range is the perfect companion for your next tour. It’s fun and capable, and with a comfortable ride position, Open Road Geometry and plenty of tyre clearance the Diverge range has redefined gravel riding. The bike performs equally well on the road too so can be your all year round Swiss army knife whip. With plenty of mounts for bags and luggage, take everything with you and get lost on the trails in 2020. It’s time to turn your bike onto the gravel and find what’s beyond the tarmac.

Go electric 

Want to get out on the trails next year but worried you don’t have the speed to make the most of it? Look no further than our Turbo Levo Hardtail range. We’ve drawn up everything that makes a 29er fun to ride then slapped a motor on it and made it even better.


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The ride is the most important part and like our other 29ers the Turbo Levo retains the nimble handling our bikes are known for. A lightweight aluminium frame and an adjustable motor, short chainstays and a low bottom bracket means you’re stuck to the trail and get the most out your ride. An e-bike isn’t a step backwards, it’s an evolution. Ride further and faster in 2020.

We know New Year’s resolutions can be hard to stick to and you occasionally feel like you are punishing yourself for no reason but with a new bike and new discipline that certainly isn’t the case. This is a resolution you can hold yourself to every time you get out on the bike. Keep it Specialized Concept Stores in 2020 too – head down to one of our stores this year so that we can help you keep to your new years promises.

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