Our helmets just got a big facelift

Our helmets just got a big  facelift

Our helmets just got a big facelift

Remember those days when a helmet was just a plastic lid you wore on your noggin? Well, those days are now gone, we’ve transformed the rudimentary helmet into a live tracking device, crash detector and safety beacon, all in one. Think of it as your own personal Spy Kids gadget that keeps you safe while you’re out there doing what matters – riding your bike.

What is ANGi?

Riding isn’t always about adventuring with friends – sometimes we yearn for that solo experience or simply just prefer to train alone. While riding solo may be attractive to some, it does carry a fair few risks should you stray from the designated path, or worse, get knocked off your bike.

Changing the helmet game means that instead of discouraging solo riding, we can instead make it a whole lot safer. Many of our helmets come equipped with MIPS brain-protection systems as well as our new ANGi system – a gadget that is currently taking the cycling world by storm.

ANGi is our new helmet-mounted sensor that sits on the back of your helmet and measures the pressure and rotational forces transmitted to your helmet during a crash. Whether your head hits the ground or is sent into a wild spin, ANGi will detect it and alert others straight away.

ANGi protects you before, during and after a crash, covering all three bases with its super handy integrated features. A ride tracker built into the device lets your emergency contacts follow your ride, a crash detector then recognises whether you’ve had a nasty knock or crash, and then finally, a built-in safety beacon alerts your emergency contacts and sends them your location.

Small yet mighty, ANGi can both fit in the palm of your hand and save your life. It’s a must-have for solo riders, but how exactly does it work?

How does ANGi work?

It’s all quite simple really, just pair your ANGi with a smartphone equipped with our Ride Premium app, key in your emergency contacts and you’re ready to go.

If your ANGi detects a crash, it’ll start to send a countdown alert to your phone. This gives you the option to cancel the countdown if, for instance, you’ve thrown your helmet down during a rest stop, or – if a crash has happened – it’ll countdown and then send a message alert to your emergency contacts. Not only will it tell them that you’ve had a crash, it’ll also send them precise GPS coordinates to help them find you.

A lot of our helmets are already pre-equipped with an ANGi system, but for those models that aren’t, we’ve added a specifically designed mount to the back of the helmet that makes attaching an aftermarket ANGi sensor both quick and easy.

We think it would also be worth noting that if you do purchase an ANGi-equipped helmet or an aftermarket ANGi sensor, then you’ll receive a year’s free subscription to our Ride Premium App. Not only does the app pair with ANGi and keep you safe while solo riding it’s also a brilliant way for connecting with the local cycling community, syncing seamlessly with popular apps like STRAVA to introduce a little bit of competition to your group rides.

MIPS and ANGi – the perfect partnership

All of our helmets are now available with MIPS, our brain-protection system that adds an important extra layer of protection to your head. Combined with ANGi, it creates a helmet like no other – one that can both cushion the blow and alert emergency contacts of your crash.

Alongside our introduction of the new ANGi sensor, we’ve also created the next generation of MIPS, MIPS SL. It’s still the same brain-protecting technology but we’ve now integrated it into the comfort padding instead. This allows our helmets to be even lighter and – most importantly – more comfortable.

If you’re interested in these new helmet gadgets, why not come down to one of our stores to find out even more about them, perhaps even try them for yourself. View our range of MIPS and ANGi helmets here – there’s a lid for just about every kind of rider, for whatever kind of ride you’re planning.


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