Prepare for the worst and stay dry this season

Prepare for the worst and stay dry this season

Prepare for the worst and stay dry this season

Anyone who rides a bike knows that you can’t beat the weather, but the weather sure can beat you. Being prepared for the worst is something that is ingrained in all of us from early on – you only need to be caught out the once to learn that particular lesson. And as the first doors on the advent calendar get opened, it’s time to put it into practice. After all, you’re a rider; it’s what you do.

Conditions over the next few months are going to be tough, so you need a reliable selection of gear to keep your pedals turning. That goes for the kit you wear as well as the tools you take with you. With the right equipment, a mechanical need not end a ride, and the confidence to know it’s going to work first time, every time, and get you moving again quickly is what you need. At Specialized we have everything you demand, proven on the road and on the trail to be tough enough to last as long as the winter does, and then some.

Stay dry when it's wet and cool when you're hot

The key element of effective wet weather gear is its ability to keep the rain outside while still allowing moisture and heat build-up from the inside to escape. The ‘bin-bag’ effect is no fun – OK, the rain might stay away but you’re so wet from sweat that you may as well not have bothered.

For road riders working hard, the breathable Element SL Pro Jacket is a form fitting windproof jacket, a softshell outer with a soft inner layer and a breathable water and windproof membrane in-between. With reflective prints it keeps you warm and comfortable as well as visible to other road users. Combined with our water repellent and highly breathable Therminal SL Pro Cycling Bib Tight you can be sure to keep working on the form until the spring season kicks in. Reflective ankle zips and Body Geometry PRO SL Padding ensure comfort and fit no matter how far you ride.

There will be days when it absolutely teams it down with rain, but you’re unlikely to head out of the door if it’s like that as you leave. Sometimes, though, you just get caught out – you head out with the weather forecaster’s promising words in your ears only to find the weather turns, normally when you’re at the furthest point from home. For those days, we’ve designed the Deflect SL Pro Rain Jacket – a superbly water-resistant and highly breathable number that’s small enough to fit into a pocket. It’s incredibly light, incredibly durable and will keep you incredibly happy until the clouds part again. The Deflect Comp jackets are a little lighter for when you trust the weatherman a bit more, but still have sufficient water-repellency for when you get unlucky.

Don’t worry mountain bikers, we haven’t forgotten you guys. We know that mud won’t stop your fun, and we also know you need a little more wiggle room in the clothing to allow you to throw the bike around when needed. The Deflect H20 Mountain Jacket rests at the pinnacle of active weather protection, boasting equal parts breathability and wind resistance. The jacket includes protective wrist seals and watertight, coated zippers throughout. A pair of our Defroster Trail shoes are seam-sealed bootie-beauties, with Thinsulate protection and a neoprene collar to help keep your feet warm and dry even in the worst conditions.

The right tools for the job

At Specialized we’re never content with the way things are; our philosophy is “can this be done better?” That’s where the EMT range came from – designed to get you back underway as quickly as possible in an emergency.

You don’t want to be standing around any longer than absolutely necessary in the colder months, and the rugged and lightweight EMT Pro MTB tool provides security in ever-changing terrain. The EMT 12 Tool is a little lighter, better suited to road duties, but tough enough for the worst of conditions.

We’re here all winter long to support your riding. Drop into one of our stores or give us a call – there’s a whole world of fun out there waiting, and spring is a while away yet.

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