Revolutionary rides: the new-look Ruby and Roubaix

Revolutionary rides: the new-look Ruby and Roubaix

Revolutionary rides: the new-look Ruby and Roubaix

Revolutionary rides: the new-look Ruby and Roubaix

The Roubaix has been a stalwart of the Specialized family since 2004, when it revolutionised road cycling as the first truly successful entry in the ‘endurance’ bike category. Through the years it’s been through its fair share of changes and tweaks – like all our bikes, both mountain and road, we believe you can always improve on perfection. The Ruby too, has been around for a while – this being the fourth iteration of the women-specific road bike that sits on a level pegging with the men’s Roubaix.

In all that time though, there’s never been something quite as drastic, nor game-changing as this.

Look to the Future

 From the saddle you don’t have to look far to spot biggest single addition to the 2017 Ruby and Roubaix frames. In fact, it’s right under your nose.

Right above the stem you’ll see we’ve introduced Future Shock, a 20mm suspension system that helps to smooth out the ride experience as you tackle rougher surfaces. Because its positioned above the stem, the system means you move, rather than the bike’s wheelbase – giving you a more consistent, predictable and responsive handling experience.

Not only is the ride smoother, it’s actually faster too. For years the idea of having a comfortable bike has been at odds with the idea of having a fast bike – and that’s exactly what we set out to change, alongside our partners at Formula 1 team, McLaren. Because you feel a smoother experience, the time spent on the bike actually tires you out less –which means over time, in anything but a short, fast and furious crit race, you’re actually going to go quicker.

The Roubaix and the Ruby have both been out for review for a while and the feedback we’ve been getting so far has been pretty stellar. Ella, CyclingTips’ women’s section, loved the handling.

“The Ruby handled like any performance bike should – she’s fast, agile and snappy. It was truly a joy to ride.”

And warned that the revolutionary Future Shock feature would soon attract imitators:

“The comfort of the Ruby truly is unparalleled and since this is currently the only performance road bicycle on the market with the front and rear suspended, I am sure more innovative approaches from other brands will soon follow.”

Meanwhile, Cyclist Magazine took the Roubaix onto the famous cobbles after which it was named back in 2004:

“Taking the bike off poor roads and onto the famous cobbles of the Paris-Roubaix course only cemented the bike’s excellence. I’ve ridden the Carrefour del ’Abre a couple of times before and this was the first time I reached the end without feeling like my hands were going to cramp.”

In their 5-star review of the Roubaix, BikeRadar said:

“By approaching comfort from the angles of ride quality and control, Specialized has changed the game, just as it did a decade or so ago with the first Roubaix. The new iteration is perhaps the most impressive endurance bike yet.

“It’s a world apart from the original; more aggressive and nimble and it has a level of road holding that’s simply astonishing.”

If you’re looking for a bike to tackle the rougher surfaces, or to travel a long way with several hours in the saddle – the new Roubaix and Ruby have got to be your first port of call.


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