RIde into summer

RIde into summer

RIde into summer

Watching the Giro d’Italia these past few weeks you could be forgiven for thinking we’re a long way from summer. Warm, sunny days have been in short supply for those long-suffering WorldTour pros, with Tuesday’s unforgiving queen stage taking place amidst an icy drizzle that left many riders quaking in their neoprene boots. But fear not, warmer weather isn’t too far away now and with temperatures finally heading in the right direction, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe in time for those lazy, hazy summer rides.

Sun’s out, guns out

There’s no better feeling than getting those sun-starved arms and legs out for some much needed vitamin D once the big yellow ball starts shining. One ride in the sun can make all those grey winter rides worth it, back when you were so rugged up you felt more Michelin Man than cyclist. There’s a lot of truth in the ‘winter miles, summer smiles’ sentiment – keeping on top of your form when it’s cold means you can really make the most of it when it turns warmer.

A technical short-sleeved jersey, constructed of lightweight and quick drying materials, is ideal once the mercury starts to rise. Designed to look cool and keep you cooler, a summer jersey makes a day out in the sun all the better. Get those guns out and get some colour!

Summer rides on hot days can be so damned good that you just want to keep going, so make sure you give yourself the comfiest ride – that way you can decide when to head home, not your body. With a comfortable, cooling and supportive pair of padded shorts, you can ride as long as you please. Bib shorts are popular with many riders, removing the effects of waistline material rubbing. Others prefer the convenience of shorts without straps – it certainly makes the dash for the loo a little easier after that mid-ride cider…

Our new SWAT™ bib shorts even have a nifty design that houses five integrated pockets, allowing you to stow your ride essentials on your person without carrying a backpack or over-filling your jersey pockets.

Up your #sockgame

We cyclists put an inordinate amount of time and effort into choosing the correct sock. There’s a huge Instagram-shaped hole down which you can travel with #sockgame or #sockdoping searches, and the UCI even has specific rules covering sock length. Club riders across the country can spend many happy hours discussing the black sock/white sock debate and their respective compatibility with shoe colour. Trust us, the right sock for the right day is important, just ask Italian sprinter Elia Viviani.


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Dusty trails and rooty rides


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After a seemingly interminable winter and an annoyingly damp spring, the fine days and dusty trails of summer are finally just around the corner. There are few better ways of spending a sunny day than slaying your local woods with mates, and kitting yourself out in some cool new kit will make the ride that much better. Our technical clothing is designed to allow all the movement you need and is tough enough to handle the odd leap into the undergrowth – after all if you don’t crash you’re not trying hard enough, eh?

Us MTBers need our shorts to be loose enough to allow us to shift about on the bike and tough enough to take a beating. When you push it, sometimes you take a spill, so a hardwearing pair of shorts is essential.

Brew time

Back at the trailhead, it’s time to catch up with mates, share stories and compare scars. No day on the bike is complete without a good brew and a good chat, and we’ve got you covered for downtime off the bike too.

Believe us when we say warmer days are coming. We’ve got everything you need to ride into summer, so pop down to your local Specialized Concept Store or check out our 2019 collection online today.



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