S-Works Superstars - Our Cutting-edge Products Getting Rave Reviews

S-Works Superstars - Our Cutting-edge Products Getting Rave Reviews

S-Works Superstars - Our Cutting-edge Products Getting Rave Reviews

We’ve had some truly stellar reviews come in over the last month or so for our awesome Sub 6 road cycling shoes, our mountain monster, the Stumpjumper 6Fattie, and our raw speed-machine, the S-Works Tarmac.

All three have been precision engineered by our S-Works team, who are dedicated to providing our Specialized athletes with the very best tools to compete and win on the biggest stages of cycling. If it bears the S-Works name, you know it’s going to be good. Really good.

That’s why we were pleased, but not surprised, when these glowing reviews came in.

S-Works Tarmac DA– Cycling Plus

This month’s issue of Cycling Plus saw something pretty unusual. They gave a five star rating to a bike on review. Now, a five star review is basically like saying a bike is perfect, right? So they’re few and far between. We’re pleased to say that the five-star bike in question was our very own S-Works Tarmac DA. The guys at Cycling Plus sure did seem to like it, and we can’t blame them.

Talking about the frame they called it “a wonderful blend of glorious excess and some stylish, organic design”, while they used the phrase “surgical precision” to describe the handling. Their verdict on the bike as a whole package?

“The S-Works Tarmac is a ready-to-race stunner and an utter delight to ride”

Not too bad, eh?

Shop the Tarmac now, or read the full review here (or in your copy of Cycling Plus).

S-Works Stumpjumper 6Fattie – Outside Online

Another blistering bike from the S-Works lab, the Stumpjumper 6Fattie allows you to rock mid-fat tyres on the legendary suspension of the much-loved Stumpjumper. OutsideOnline took a Stumpy 6Fattie for a test six months ago and have been putting it through its paces non-stop since then.

There was always going to be a little skepticism about the 6Fattie, given that it’s a new tyre size to the industry that comes hot on the back of the 29er trend, but the bike has truly silenced critics, with the reviewer at OO saying:

“We haven’t had this much fun riding mountain bikes in a long time. And while there are a handful of great new offerings in the size, the Stumpjumper’s massive tire clearance and innovative frame design won over pretty much every tester who tried it.”

The frame design he’s talking about is Specialized’s SWAT, which allows you to open up a hatch on the downtube and store your riding essentials inside. Genius.Read the full review here or shop the Stumpy 6Fattie

Sub 6 Road Cycling Shoes – Bike Radar

The Sub 6 takes everything the S-Works team knows about aerodynamics and applies it to a laced cycling shoe, for those riders who want a little bit of retro style with their speed. To streamline the shoe as much as possible, the team shed the BOA dial closure system and replaced it with laces, plus a lightweight Warp Sleeve cover, to smooth out any micro-drag caused by loose laces.

Bike Radar has the shoes on review and chacaterised them as “supremely light, stiff and aero – as well as comfortable and good looking”, going on to praise the exceptional power transfer, “climbing and sprint efforts are undiluted between foot and pedal.

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