Sitero saddles

Sitero saddles

Sitero saddles

When it comes to on bike comfort there is no more important component than your saddle. This is true of every discipline but is a factor often overlooked in the production of aerodynamic triathlon and time trial specific saddles. You can’t possibly have maximum comfort in an aero position, right? Wrong, and with the all-new Sitero and Sitero Plus saddles for 2021, we aim to buck that trend.

Working closely with professional triathlete Sarah True and the S-Racing team, Specialized have created a system of saddles that help keep our riders in an aero position longer, stronger and more comfortably. Now your performance can benefit from this innovation as well, so let’s take a closer look at the Sitero range.

2021 Sitero

The 2021 Sitero saddle ushers in a new era of aerodynamic efficiency and comfort. These two factors are essential for our riders to perform at the best of their extensive ability. That’s exactly how the Sitero and Sitero Plus were created, with help from our team of athletes, Retül fit specialists, doctors and engineers. This data-driven insight coupled with fitting sessions has resulted in various improvements in the range. The stiffness on the saddle’s nose has been reduced for increased comfort in soft tissue areas while decreasing the degree of taper, helping to reduce hamstring fatigue when our riders are in an aero position. So, when we say stronger, longer and farther, this is how we have achieved this.

There are some specific features to the base level Sitero that include medium density level 2 padding and availability in 130mm or 155mm widths. The rails are made from a durable hollow Cr-Mo, and a four way stretch cover material is utilised for unparalleled pelvic comfort. For added aerodynamics, even when you need to carry an extra bottle, there are an integrated direct mount reserve rack and SWAT compatible mounts moulded into the saddle. When it comes to triathlons and time trials, a Sitero-Shiv combination maximises performance.

2021 Sitero Plus

The Sitero Plus retains many of the features of the base Sitero, but with a few key changes. We used Body Geometry design and engineering at all stages to inform the development process of the Sitero Plus and as a result have created the perfect performance saddle for triathlons. The saddle has all the same features as the 2021 Sitero but with a little added comfort and support for riders that need it. This comes in the form of level three padding, a medium density foam that provides extra cushioning. The saddle also comes in 130mm and 155mm widths. For even more aero performance gains, pair the Sitero Plus with one of our aero helmets.

Sitero Expert Gel

It’s not just triathletes and time trial specialists who can benefit from the performance and comfort boosts of a Sitero saddle. Also in the range is the Expert Gel, well suited to road cyclists on long distance rides searching for a more aerodynamic position. The difference between this model and the triathlon-ready saddles are the inclusions of added strengthening features as riders are likely to be perched on this saddle for longer. The 270g saddle is specifically designed for riders of all sizes and triple density padding offers that extra comfort. The durable and lightweight hollow titanium rails bring down the weight while improving the strength. For triathletes there is an integrated hook for easy racking in the transition area, but this can also of course be utilised at a mid-ride café stop.

Sitero Pro

The Sitero Pro saddle sits at the top of the range and is the lightest of the options coming in at just 196 grams. This is the best-fitting saddle for time trial positions as a wide channel and aggressive shape provides both comfort and support while retaining an impressive aerodynamic profile. The ultra-light, strong and oversized FACT carbon rails are the feature that really brings the weight down. With the medium density level two padding for additional cushioning and support, riders of all sizes can benefit from the Sitero Pro. Like all the saddles in the Sitero range, the Pro also incorporates plenty of SWAT features for additional storage solutions.

To find out more about the Specialized saddles mentioned above, come down to one of our stores. When it comes to saddles, it is especially important to get yourself sizeds up before you buy, as they are unique to each cyclist. Speak to one of our friendly staff members, test which saddle is the most comfortable and learn all about the innovations we are making at Specialized.

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