Buying on a budget? Here are our recommendations on the Best Road Bikes Between £1,200 and £1,800 in 2016

Some of Our Best Road Bikes Between £1,200 to £1,800

For your average non-cyclist £1,800 sounds like a lot to spend on a bicycle. If you’re considering such a purchase then this is likely not your first bike that you’re buying. Chances are you’ve done a fair bit of riding, have built up a good base of ability on the bike and are looking to take things to the next level. And while yes, the figure is higher than you could spend on a bicycle to get from A to B, its entirely justified – given the quality, speed and longevity of what you are buying.

Here are a selection of our favourite road bikes in the £1,200 to £1,800 price range.

Roubaix SL4 Elite Disc 2016


SAVE 25%
NOW £1350.00
WAS £1800.00

This bike is named after one of the most rugged and demanding one-day races of the professional cycling calendar – Paris-Roubaix . But why would we name a bike after such an event, one that intimidates even the hardiest of pro cyclists? Well because if you were to ride in the Paris-Roubaix, this is the kind of bike you’d want to ride on. Its Zertz vibration-damping inserts mean you’ll have a smoother ride experience, even on broken surfaces (like the infamous cobbles of Roubaix). The carbon frame and Specialized’s CG-R seatpost are also designed for comfort over the bumpy stuff.

Diverge Comp Smartweld 2016


OUR PRICE £1700.00

The Diverge Comp Smartweld is an aluminium-framed road bike that can mix it with the very best carbon competitors in this price bracket. Our innovative D’Aluisio Smartweld tech allows for greater frame stiffness, so you can tackle more rugged terrain and head off the road onto the path less travelled. Its disc brakes give unparalleled control on descents, while the 105 drivetrain delivers great reliable performance. A top choice for long-distance riders who need a versatile, comfortable ride.

Tarmac Sport 2016


SAVE 25%
NOW £1125.00
WAS £1500.00

The legendary Tarmac frame is a thoroughbred road racing bicycle – pure and simple – so if you’re looking to spend your cash on going fast, this is the bike to buy. The super-lightweight carbon fibre frame makes this bike a joy to climb with, while the stiffness of the FACT fork provides superb stiffness and finely-tuned steering response. The Shimano 105 drivetrain is the perfect cherry on the cake of what is a fantastic, speedy and sporty package.

Amira SL4 Sport 2016


SAVE 25%
NOW £1125.00
WAS £1500.00

Our Amira frame family was developed for racing on, and the SL4 Sport model does not disappoint on that score. Built for women who want to go fast, its got all the rapid responsiveness you’d expect, with a featherweight frame that’ll have you dancing up the inclines. The Axis 2.0 wheelset is also a great addition to this bike, coming in lighter than comparable wheelsets from some of our competitors, with a great rolling motion into the bargain.

Allez Comp Smartweld 2016


SAVE 25%
NOW £900.00
WAS £1200.00

We’ve been making frames with the Allez name since 1981 because it’s a formula that works – great performance, competitive pedigree and an accessible price point. For 2016 we introduced this latest version of the Allez Comp, built with aluminium and benefiting from a lightweight carbon fork – the same one used on our top-end S-Works bikes. The ride is fast and agile and this bike ready to be raced.


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