Specialized Creo SL - First look

Specialized Creo SL - First look

Specialized Creo SL - First look

The Specialized Creo SL is our first performance electric road bike. We’ve built upon our rich heritage and integrated new technologies to make the most complete e-bike yet. 

Our bikes have always been winners. With the Tarmac and Venge winning races all over the world and our e-MTB, the Turbo Levo, getting rave reviews, making the Creo SL was a natural progression. 

Specialized Creo SL Frame
Californian designed. Swiss engineered.

We’ve built this frame with Fact 11 R Carbon modulus carbon fibre. This allows the frame to be extremely light and stiff. The Specialized Creo SL frame transfers all of your energy and output to the road. Nothing is wasted as you push up the steepest of climbs.

The 1x drivetrain on the Creo SL reduces the overall weight and allows it to be more adaptable to harsher conditions. With off-road riding, you don’t have to worry about mud clogging up a front derailleur or dropping your chain when the conditions get choppy.

Futureshock 2.0

This e-bike was made for adventures. Taking it off-road is part of the job description for the Creo SL. With this in mind, we designed the bike to have Futureshock 2.0. Futureshock 2.0 means that you have 20mm of vertical movement in the stem. You’ll appreciate this when your ride takes you across some rocky and technical trails. 

The ‘e’ in e-bike

At the heart of every e-bike is an electric motor and battery system. We’ve developed the SL technology to give you power, support and customisation, wherever you choose to ride.

SL 1.1 Technology Motor

We’ve improved on our well-established Turbo Tech for the Specialized Creo SL. The new SL 1.1 Technology Motor delivers a natural assistance to you whenever you need a helping hand. The motor flattens out the steepest of hills, allowing you to keep up with friends and ride even further. 

SL1-320 Battery

Backing up our motor is our brand new SL1-320 battery. The battery has 320-watt-hours which translates to the real world as 130km of assistance when the bike is in eco mode. 130km of assistance means that training days can be extended, new roads can be explored and you can spend more time on your bike. And with a charge time of just 2 hours and 35 minutes you can charge much faster than the competition.

The SL1-320 battery is integrated into the frame. Not only does this help with the aerodynamics, but it also retains the sleek finish that you’ve come to expect from Specialized. If you’re planning longer rides we’ve even designed a range extender battery pack.

This pack gives additional 160-watt-hours. Reducing your battery anxiety and increasing your ride by 65km. The range extender has been stealthily designed to look like a water bottle on your bike. No aspect of the Creo SL has been overlooked. 

Turbo Connect Unit

The Turbo Connect Unit is integrated into the Creo SL top tube and allows you to switch between the four modes. Depending on your terrain and effort level you can choose between Off, Eco, Sport and Turbo modes. 

We’ve also developed the Mission Control App, originally introduced with our e-MTB machines but now available for roadies too. Using your smartphone you can change the amount of assistance of each mode and even alter peak power. You can also enable automatic battery management. This will adapt the battery to your ride, ensuring that you have enough assistance to make it home. Perfect for when you’ve just nailed that final climb of the day.

The Creo SL Family

The Specialized Creo SL comes in four different models.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert Evo

The base model of the Creo SL comes with a drivetrain made up of a 1x Shimano Ultegra Di2 group, an XT rear derailleur, and an 11-42t cassette. 38mm Pathfinder Pro tyres and Roval C 38 Disc wheels mean that this bike was built for adventure. Gravel roads, technical trails and rough terrain are no problem for the Expert Evo.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert

With the SL Expert, you get an improved wheelset of Roval C 38 Disc carbon wheels with Turbo Pro 28mm tyres. For your comfort, you’ll get a Specialized Future Stem Pro and a Body Geometry Power Expert saddle, making long rides no problem at all.

Specialized S-Works Creo SL

The S-Works Creo SL comes with a range extender as standard as well as a top of the line drivetrain. The 1x Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 group, an XTR rear derailleur, and an 11-42t cassette deliver the best performance possible. CLX 50 Disc wheels are paired with 28mm S-Works Turbo tyres giving you a light and tough wheelset.

S-Works Turbo Creo SL Founder’s Edition

With only 250 of these bikes being made, you know they’re going to be special. Two range extenders, oversized CeramicSpeed pulley wheels, gold foil logos and a numbered Founder’s Edition plaque are just some of the unique features on the Creo SL Founder’s Edition.

Be sure to check out our deep dive into the tech nitty gritty of the Creo.




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