Specialized custom builds

Specialized custom builds

Specialized custom builds

The Specialized community is truly a wonderful, creative bunch. Specialized bikes are made to suit your style and your riding so we’re always excited to see our fans’ custom builds and the designs they wrap their bikes in to make them that little bit more personal. Today we are sharing some particularly awesome custom designs that have cropped up on social media.

Iconic inspiration


A post shared by Cole coatings workshop (@colecoatingsworkshop) on

This is a truly unique Venge from Cole Coatings Workshop, in partnership with Bespoke. The Mapei-inspired cube design will have any fans of ’90s cycling turning their heads and thinking back to the days of the Italy-based super team. Amazingly, each cube was painted individually, and each face is actually a different colour, so it gives them a cool 3D effect. They have been arranged into a tumbling formation to give the appearance of cascading cubes. Every detail has been considered meticulously, even the branding which has been given a fine outline to lift it away from the cube design. We’re sure you’ll agree, the owner of this bike is a lucky bunny.

Marble and copper


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Bristol-based designers Colourburn Studio have painted some gorgeous custom Specialized frames for their customers. Not least this featured Acid Marble S-Works Tarmac. The design is stunning and the aged copper graphics complement the vibrant marbled design fantastically.

Urban jungle camo


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Even gravel bikes have been given the custom brush. This S-Works Diverge from Bespoke has been given a cool grey urban style camo. The Diverge is a super comfortable gravel bike, partly thanks to the shock absorber that is built into the carbon seatpost, so with this bike you can ride all day knowing you look the business.

Bespoke by name…


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Bespoke also came through with this superb S-Works Tarmac Disc that they wrapped in what they call a ‘Gloss Acid Mint/Mint/Light Turquoise/Satin/Black’ colour scheme – catchy. Regardless of the say-what-you-see custom labelling, this Tarmac really pops. Bespoke have really lived up to their name with this one, integrating the Quarq DZero power meter into the SRAM drivetrain and equipping it with a snazzy ‘snake’-shaped Fizik front-end. Boy, do they know how to whip up a slick ride…

Old school red rocket


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This one’s for all you retro and/or moto fans, courtesy of WM Paintworks. Their inspiration was the iconic paintjob on the Honda motorcycle of former motocross racer, Graham Noyce, and their canvas an S-Works Venge. It’s simple and subtle, but far from understated or boring. The black and gold outline of the Specialized decals is a particularly neat feature.

Hard lines and hard fades


A post shared by Tyler Angelo Marchesano (@tunedbytyler) on

It’s not just roadies that get the custom frame treatment. Specialized paint developer, Tyler Angelo Marchesano, is really pushing the envelope when it comes to custom paint jobs, and we think you’ll agree that his “experiment” on the S-Works Enduro frame is quite something to behold. Inspired by optical illusions, the pared-back gold and black colour scheme will most certainly have heads turning. And Tyler says it’s just a “first rendition” – we can’t wait to see what’s next.

To find out more about the S-Works range and the bikes featured here, come down to one of our stores and have a chat with a member of our team. They’ll be able to help with any questions you might have about custom builds and which model might be right for you.

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