Step it up a gear with the Turbo Levo

Step it up a gear with the Turbo Levo

Step it up a gear with the Turbo Levo

The days of pedalling your trail-blazer back up to the top of the local run are long over. Thanks to the new Turbo Levo FSR and Turbo Levo Hardtail, the uphill is now just as fun as the downhill.

MTBers come in all shapes and sizes and so does our Levo range. Here’s a lowdown on the models that make up the legendary Levo range…


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Trail-blazing with a boost

The Turbo Levo FSR takes trail riding to the next level. With a new chassis, a new motor, a new battery and some next-level software, the Levo FSR is ready to start conquering all manner of technical off-road terrain. Just think of the toughest local trail imaginable – the Levo FSR just ate it for breakfast.

The new 2019 model is stiffer, lighter and more powerful than ever before, giving you that extra boost of power when it’s most needed. The chassis has seen one of the biggest makeovers; our design team has shaved a whopping 1.2kg in total from the bike. To put it all into perspective, the new aluminium Levo FSR is even lighter than the 2018 S-Works Levo, a bike that was made with super-light carbon.

A lightweight bike is much quicker over the trails, able to flick around corners effortlessly and soar into the air with ease. Being lightweight is only part of it, however. The 2019 Levo has also shifted a lot of its weight to other areas on the frame, giving it an extremely low centre of gravity. This has the effect of glueing it to the trail underneath, no matter how rough and bumpy the terrain, giving you that assured confidence you look for in a good trail bike.

Putting the ‘e’ into e-MTB is the Levo FSR’s super-efficient 2.1 motor, a system that’s 15% smaller and 400 grams lighter than the old 1.3 motor. A reduction in size doesn’t translate to a reduction in power; hell no, this motor can hit power assistance levels of anywhere up to 410%, which roughly translates to 560W and 90Nm of torque. In simple terms, it’s darn quick.


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The motor is paired with a 700Wh battery on the S-Works and Expert models, and a 500Wh on the rest of the range, packing in enough energy for the Levo FSR to crush trails all day long. To keep an eye on battery life, control the power output from the motor and check on all your vital statistics, just download the Mission Control App and have it all live-streamed to your smartphone. It’s a super useful feature, keeping all the important stuff at your fingertips in one simple and easy-to-use interface.

From the top of the range S-Works model to the entry-level Comp and Standard Levo FSR, this e-MTB has a model for just about every kind of trail-blazer.

Bridging the gap with the Levo HT

Take the fun, efficiency and speedy characteristics of our classic hardtails and add a Turbo-charged motor – that’s the Levo Hardtail. Whether you’re looking to bridge the gap from road riding to off-road exploring or you’re just on the lookout for an all-terrain beast, the Levo Hardtail is going to be the perfect machine.

The heart of a hardtail mountain bike is undoubtedly in the frame, so this is something that we chose to focus on when we gave the bike a makeover this year. It’s got a super-roomy top tube to allow an easier fit, short chainstays to rein in the control and increase overall handling, and a low bottom bracket that glues you to the trail. It’s an all-terrain beast, ready to zip over just about anything you could possibly throw at it.

The frame itself is built from a tough and durable M5 Premium aluminium, making the bike extremely robust and able to withstand a torrent of knocks and tumbles while out on the trail.

We then added our powerful 1.2E motor to this incredible frame, taking it up yet another gear. The motor is incredibly efficient and allows an instantaneous delivery of power, giving you that boost to summit muddy and leg-breaking climbs. It also features an Rx Trail-tune, helping it to run smoothly and quietly even when churning out high power.

To complete the Turbo-powered aspect of the bike, we paired the 1.2E motor with our M1-400 battery. It sits flush in the downtube and packs enough juice for a whole day of off-road exploring. Both the motor and battery seamlessly communicate with the integrated Trail Display up top via the Mission Control App, giving you full control of all the bike’s gadgets.

So far, the 2019 Levo HT is only available in two variants, a men’s and women’s, both of which run 29-inch wheels, allowing you to carry even more speed and momentum as you fly over forest tracks.

Whether seasoned trail-blazer or MTB newbie, there’s a Levo model out there for everyone. To view the whole Turbo Levo range, click here. If you’re still stuck on the e-MTB fence, why not pop down to one of our stores and take the Levo for a spin – we’re certain you’ll catch the e-bug.



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