Take The Next Step in a Pair of Specialized Cycling Shoes

Take The Next Step in a Pair of Specialized Cycling Shoes

Take The Next Step in a Pair of Specialized Cycling Shoes

We decided to do a rundown of some of the great cycling shoes we stock because it’s an area where Specialized really excels – and we thought it was time we shared some of the magic with you!

But first, a word on why you should be wearing shoes that attach to the pedals if you’re even half serious about riding your bike. The benefits of being connected to the pedal are based around smoothness, efficiency and power – the fact that you’re simultaneously pulling up with your back foot as you push down with your stronger front front means you’re sharing the effort more evenly. They can also be a big benefit in developing a smooth pedalling style.

There’s also the added advantage (vs a pair of regular sneakers) that cycling shoes have a hard, rigid sole. That means they transfer power directly into the pedal, without any of it being lost in all that smushy rubber on the underside of a normal shoe. Oh, and they’re usually way tougher than sneaks too – and we wouldn’t want you ruining your favourite pair of kicks!

S-Works Sub6 – Road Cycling

The first selection we’ve made is a top-end road cycling shoe, designed by the aerodynamic engineering whizzkids at Specialized HQ and tested in our very own wind tunnel. The streamlined profile – including a narrower heel cup – is not only great for minimising drag, it also looks absolutely awesome. The lace-up fastening gives the shoe a bit of retro appeal too. This is a great pick for racers and those at the top of their game.

Buy the Sub6 road cycling shoe

Recon Mixed Terrain – Adventure cycling

Created for those moments when you need something a little bit tougher than your regular road cycling shoe, the Recon Mixed Terrain is all about setting you free. Ride wherever you want, regardless of the surface – confident that your feet are supported, protected and that you’re getting the most from every pedal stroke. The stiff carbon sole is brilliant for transferring power, while the ridged SlipNot™ tread will help you stay upright when you do have to put a foot down.

Let’s go adventuring!

2F0 Cliplite – Trail and Enduro

This is an ultra-light version of another of our designs, the 2FO Clip and it delivers all the same awesome punch, with a saving on those all important grams! the special Body Geometry sole is built to optimise your performance and efficiency by keeping your hip, knee and foot properly aligned – dramatically reducing the chance of injury. The double Boa® snap dials offer an easily-adjustable fit. If you need more convincing, Dirt Magazine picked them as one of their best Trail/Enduro shoes on the market earlier this year.

Learn more about the 2FO Cliplite.

Trivent – Triathlon

The Trivent range of shoes was developed with the cooperation of Specialized’s elite triathletes, who needed a shoe that would deliver superb ventilation and rapid transitions while they were out on the course. Available in both men’s and women’s models, we’ve taken what we learned at the very top level and created a Trivent to suit every ability – from newbie to world-beater. The women’s models feature a contoured Form Fit for optimal power transfer.

Shop men’s and women’s Trivent shoes.

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