The lightest production disc brake bike ever… just don’t tell the UCI

The lightest production disc brake bike ever… just don’t tell the UCI

The lightest production disc brake bike ever… just don’t tell the UCI

The Specialized Aethos is a bike conceived without any rules or regulations. Without the desire to have razor-sharp tubes and a stylish one-piece handlebar. Instead, we've created a bike that was built for the joy of riding, not racing.

We haven’t let the restraints of developing a ‘winning’ bike stop our ambitions with the Aethos, instead, we designed a bike that is so lightweight and so enjoyable to ride, you’ll have to work hard to convince yourself it’s time to go home.


At 585g, it’s the lightest production disc frameset on the market. Combined with Roval’s lightweight Alpinist wheels and SRAM’s 12-speed RED eTap AXS groupset, an entire bike build can weigh as little as 5.9kg. Of course, this sits outside the UCI minimum weight requirement of 6.8kg, so we won’t be seeing Anna van der Breggen on one any time soon. Unless you want to stick a heavy wheelset on to be able to race it, why not just enjoy the ride quality of the Aethos?

Built for the joy of riding, not racing

It’s no secret that we like to win. That’s why we have the two current road world champions on our bikes. But the ethos of the Aethos isn't about winning, it's about enjoying your time on two wheels. It's about embracing the ride and riding a bike that is highly impressive even after 100 miles. It’s a bike that will make you want to keep picking it up and riding it, day after day, as you rediscover or discover for the first time, the joy of riding a bicycle.

If you're riding to race, or you're riding to win, we highly recommend looking at our S-Works Tarmac SL6 and SL7 ranges. They are also incredibly lightweight but aerodynamically optimised for racing and the demands that are put on a bike and rider.

The Aethos is a bike that was designed without limitations, without the parameters pre-determined to bike designers and manufacturers, which can and cannot be ridden in professional circumstances. So, we threw out the rule book and designed a bike that embraces joyfulness and the purity of being on two wheels instead. Whether that means stopping to smell the flowers, or listening to the birds sing as you climb high onto a moor, the Aethos will make your ride exhilarating and delightful every time you climb on the bike.

Reimagining frame technology

 We didn’t hunt for the lowest number we could find on the scale. Instead, we changed the way carbon bikes could be made and found that lightness was a fortunate by-product. You'll notice the rounded tubes and more traditional lines of the Aethos, compared to say the S-Works Tarmac range. The Aethos is presented in a more traditional package, with subtle, yet inherently noticeable innovations once you're on the bike.

A few years ago, our engineering gurus in Specialized Freiburg realised that force moved through a frame a little differently than previously thought. They noted that the shape of the bike’s tubes was far more important for delivering higher ride quality, and thus began experimenting to find the optimal shape.

Over 100,000 virtual frames were created across the scope of road bike designs until the engineers finally pinpointed what combination created the best overall frame performance. By following the design and developing a carbon fiber mock-up, they realised just how much lighter and stronger the frames could be, after eliminating unnecessary stiffness layers from the manufacturing process.

Innovative design

What they created was the Aethos. The innovative tube shapes carry the load through the frame, removing the need for the stiffness layers of carbon. The weight of the rider and bumps in the road is distributed smoothly and provides ultimate stability and balance. With this, the Aethos climbs like a dream, carves through corners like a Formula 1 car, and you feel more planted and connected to your bike. In essence, you are an extension of the Aethos as it glides along the tarmac.

The Aethos is a little different to the bikes we usually produce. But it's not about hitting targets or making a bike capable of winning bike races. It's a bike for the riders, to rediscover their love of riding, and to enjoy every second they spend on the bike.

For the full range, check out our website, or pop into your local Specialized concept store to find out more from our experienced sales assistants.

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