The New Shiv

The New Shiv

The New Shiv

You might remember back in October last year we unveiled our latest Shiv triathlon bike, the fastest whip that Kona Ironman had ever seen. It achieved truly staggering results, close to a minute faster over the 112-mile bike course than our record-breaking 2011 model. As we said at the time, in the super-competitive world of triathlon, ten or twenty seconds saved on course is something to make you sit up and take notice. A full minute was enough to leave some of the world’s best triathletes picking their jaws up off the floor.

At the time only 500 were released, a limited edition run of individually numbered speed machines which flew off the shelves as fast as they rode the course. So we’re really excited to announce the release of the 2020 model, a superlatively aerodynamic engineering marvel, one that has achieved the coveted ‘zero drag’ at certain yaw angles in our Win Tunnel. 


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Where we’re going, we don’t need rules

Unrestricted by the limitations of the UCI rulebook our engineers were free to let their enormous brains go wild and set a new standard for speed. The 2020 Shiv takes aero to new heights, virtually disappearing in crosswinds. It’s not only the most aerodynamic bike we’ve ever made, but it's also by far the most aerodynamic bike we’ve ever tested.

If you’ve competed in a triathlon you’ll know that by the halfway point of the bike leg, fatigue starts to build and every ounce of extra effort begins to set fire to your remaining matches pretty quickly. So, while aerodynamics was our number one priority when designing the new Shiv, we still spent a lot of time thinking about the bike’s weight, its ride quality and its stiffness to ensure it’s the best handling triathlon bike on the course. A bike that rides well, converts all your power into forward motion and allows you to maintain the best aero position on the bike is a bike that will save you energy and time each time you swing your leg over it.

Disc brakes continue the theme. Superbly reactive, responsive to the slightest touch on the levers, you can maintain more speed into tight turns and brake later than Lewis Hamilton while your rivals tentatively tiptoe through the corners behind you.

The Shiv has plenty of adjustability to allow you to dial in the perfect fit. The frame comes in four sizes, based on over 1,000 records in our Retül database, and the Control Tower allows tweaks to be made to the aerobars, extensions and arm pads.

An added bonus of this adjustability is the ease of travel. We triathletes are not averse to driving halfway across the country for our favourite race and transporting the Shiv couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fold the basebar down to the fork, unbolt the Control Tower, and your Shiv is ready for the bike box.

Did someone mention storage? The Shiv features completely redesigned Fuelselage hydration and Fuelcell nutrition storage – we didn’t simply reuse them from the original Shiv. The Fuelselage II has been moved to the rear of the bike, entirely hidden within the frame, increasing fluid capacity and improving aerodynamics. The Fuelcell II exploits the additional volume created by the redesigned downtube, with plenty of room for 10 to 12 gels, 5 bars, or 5 chews.


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Save seconds, place first

Triathlon is not just about how fast you can swim, ride or run. It places all kinds of challenges in front of you, and one aspect that the very best in the world practice over and over again is the transition. Coming out of the water first counts for little if you then spend precious seconds putting on your cycling kit. With that in mind, our Trivent shoes feature our revolutionary Tri-Specific Drawbridge closure system that leaves the heel of the shoe ’popped’ open and ready for entry in the transition. The Launch Clip puts the shoe in the best position for a flying start and then once you’re on the road the stiff efficient carbon sole delivers the most efficient performance possible.

Our S-Works TT helmet and Sitero saddle are designed to give you those final advantages once you’re on the bike. By ensuring you’re in the most aero position possible and as slippery through the air as an eel, Specialized will get you to the finish line faster than you ever thought possible.

Are you ready to shave not just seconds but perhaps even minutes off your personal best? If you have any questions or would like to see the Shiv in the flesh, get yourself down to one of our stores and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.




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