The Retul bike fit philosophy

The Retul bike fit philosophy

The Retul bike fit philosophy

A process often neglected when purchasing a new bike, the bike fit is something that too many riders forgo and almost always regret further down the line. Retül’s bike fit Retül’s bike fit technology provides all the necessary tools to improve both rider performance and comfort, so don’t wing it, bike fit it.

What is Retül?

Retül, founded in 2007 by Todd Carver, Franko Vatterott and Ivan Faul, uses 3D data capture to determine the smallest movements in a rider’s position, identifying areas to adjust in a bid to increase rider power, comfort, efficiency and overall endurance. The founders are the first to stress that no tool can take the place of a fitter’s knowledge and expertise, but what sets apart the Retül technology is that it actually captures data. In the right hands, Retül can prove to be one of the most advanced fitting tools in the world.

The process

Specialized’s Body Geometry fit utilises Retül data to optimise the relationship between rider and bike. The process begins with an initial physical assessment of the rider and how they sit aboard their bike. Any concerns at this point can be identified by the bike fit technician and amended throughout the session.

LED markers are placed on the rider’s wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel and toe, all sending real-time, three-dimensional data to the Retül sensor bar, highlighting the exact pedal stroke and movement of the rider. A rotating platform allows Retül to gather data from both sides simultaneously; an underrated convenience.

The Zin, Retül’s handheld digitizer, then allows the fitter to digitally measure the rider’s bike at fixed points, contours and curves, all in all providing a complete, digital map of the entire bike. All of the gathered data is stored to a personal profile which can be accessed in the future should the rider return for another fitting.

Is it worth it?

It is comfort and ‘proper fit’ that allow riders go fulfil their abilities, making the bike fit a vital investment. A large majority of riders forgo the bike fit, but performance and riding experience can suffer in the long-run, even risking injury. Once a back-of-the-shop art where the grizzled mechanic would squint with one eye open and send you on your merry way, the bike fit is now held in the highest regard, a staple of off-season preparation for pro cyclists.

In short, no rider should compromise on comfort and performance for the sake of a small saving. Just a slight tweak in saddle height and tilt, stem length and handlebar width can make a world of difference and save you from aches and pains. Ultimately, a bike fit will only ever have positive outcomes.

Making waves in the pro peloton

Retül have worked with some of the top professional teams since 2007, fitting the likes of Garmin, Sky and RadioShack riders, while also working with World Cup mountain biker, Geoff Kabush, and cyclo-cross rider, Tim Johnson.

Now working alongside Specialized, Retül’s bike fit technology has been used to dial in riders from the Quick-Step Floors team for the 2018 season. They have helped the sprinters to hone their aero positions aboard the S-Works Venge and the climbers to tune their pedalling efficiency for the longer climbs on the ultra-light S-Works Tarmac. The benefits of such a fit are evident in each of the 30 wins (at the time of writing) from the Belgium-based team this season with Niki Terpstra, Fernando Gaviria, Julian Alaphilippe and many more confirming Retül’s ground-breaking tech.

The humble bike fit is something that should not be passed up when investing in a brand new two-wheeled machine. Book your bike fit here and receive the same expertise as the pro peloton.



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