The S-Works 7 Lace – The coolest road shoes going

The S-Works 7 Lace – The coolest road shoes going

The S-Works 7 Lace – The coolest road shoes going

When it comes to shoes, nothing beats an S-Works. Designed with style, comfort and performance in mind, Specialized’s elite range of road shoes are totally uncompromising. The S-Works 7 Lace continues the dynasty of great footwear but with a twist, as the name suggests, the addition of laces. 

Bringing the retro vibes to the line, the lace closure system replaces the Boa® dial to create extra suppleness and adaptability. Don’t worry though, the shoe still retains the race setup and design that it has become well-known for. 

Ideal for road riders for use on long training rides and races, the S-Works 7 Lace make a huge difference in the quality of your ride performance. Designed with all types of riders in mind, they come in black, white and vivid coral/cast umber colourways making them stand out far beyond the laces. Let’s take a deeper look at these classy kicks. 

Lace up for a perfect fit

The S-Works 7 Lace is the first non-exclusive shoe in the line-up to ditch the Boa® dial retention system in favour of laces. You might think that there’s a reason most shoe companies have moved on from laces, but Specialized don’t see this as a technological regression, more a way to bring their top-level shoes to a more everyday rider. 

By utilising laces, the shoe offers 12 separate points of tension adjustment so that you can dial in the perfect hold across the entire foot. Made of engineered mesh and carbon, the fit becomes even better as you can remove the plastic hardware to allow the mesh upper to adapt to even more foot shapes.

Paired with Specialized’s Body Geometry technology for optimum foot knee and ankle alignment and you have a shoe that goes even faster than it looks. 

You should expect the same level of performance on your café ride as on race day, so don’t save your top pair for use only on a few weekends a year, get the S-Works 7 Lace and have all-round performance from your daily commute to the midweek race of truth. 

Weight shaving 

The removal of the aforementioned hardware in favour of laces brings more than just comfort and adjustability to the shoe, it also shaves considerable weight. A size 44 S-Works 7 Lace weighs just 236 grams making it the ideal ride partner when the road turns skyward thanks to its feather-like fit. 

Bringing the power

There may be a few aesthetic differences to the other S-Works road shoe models but when it comes to power and performance, the lace brings the same technology pioneered by the rest of the range. Specialized’s lightest and stiffest outsole ever, the Powerline™ carbon outsole, creates a fantastic platform for power delivery, especially when you are out the saddle cresting steep gradients on iconic climbs. 

This number of peak watts can be repeated throughout the ride too thanks to the PadLock™ heel which comfortably holds the rear of your foot in place whilst the engineered mesh upper provides a supple hold. Whether you’re racing to the next traffic light on the morning commute, making a move in the heat of a race, or repeating hard efforts up a succession of Ardennes-style hills, the S-Works 7 Laces won’t miss a beat.

The Aethos companion

There’s a reason that a lot of the publicity material you have seen of the S-Works 7 Lace has been released in tandem with the Aethos lightweight bike, and that is because they make the perfect pair. 

Every new bike deserves a new pair of shoes, and we can’t think of any better way to match the sleek colourways of the classy Aethos than the beautiful design of the Lace. Both made in pursuit of the perfect ride, the Lace and Aethos are the perfect ‘get up and go’ combination for total ride enjoyment.  

Want to try on the latest innovation in cycling shoe technology? Head to your local Specialized Concept Store, where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect fit for your next bike adventure no matter the surface you choose. Lace up with our latest kicks to make a statement on and off the bike. Click here to find your nearest store.

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