The Stumpjumper evolves

The Stumpjumper evolves

The Stumpjumper evolves

You’re going to love this latest Stumpjumper EVOlution, a bike that doesn’t quite fit the mould of a ‘normal’ trail bike. It’s built for the rough and gnarly, designed to carry some hot speed through the toughest and most technical of trails. Does this sound like a Stumpy that you could handle? Then listen closely…

What makes this Stumpy different?

It’s all in the name with this latest rendition of the fabled Stumpjumper, the EVO referring to a whole host of added features designed to enhance each and every trail-blazing ride. EVO technology is for those riders nicknamed ‘the shredders’ by their riding colleagues; daredevils that live and die by the trail, seemingly defying the laws of gravity as they glide over rock gardens and mud-slick descents.

Whatever the trail throws at the EVO, the EVO throws straight back at the trail. Using the same style-specific sizing as our downhill Demo, this Stumpy allows you to choose the bike that fits the exact way you ride and the gnarly terrain you shred. Compared to other Stumpy models, the EVO Comp Alloy 29 also has heavier steering and exceptional front-end traction, gluing you to the trail ahead. It also has all the speed that 29ers are renowned for, while also possessing the agility akin to downhill rigs.

The EVO aspect of this Stumpjumper transcends the frameset, muscling its way into the final build and component spec as well. With FOX DPX2 rear shock (140mm of travel), FOX Rhythm 36 fork (150m of travel), SRAM Code R brakes and a pair of Roval Traverse 29 alloy wheels, this bike is ready to shred straight from the box. Topped off with a SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, the EVO Comp Alloy 29 is just as magnificent on descents as it is at flying back up the climbs to start your next gnarly run.

Still a Stumpjumper at heart

This new EVOlution of the Stumpjumper may sound a little different at first, but it is still a Stumpy at heart. Aside from the EVO additions, this is a durable alloy Stumpjumper with all the sublime design features that our 2019 Stumpy range is known for.

Our big goal when creating the new Stumpjumper was to create a bike with an almost telepathic connection to its rider. We discovered that this all came down to stiffness, the ability for the bike to communicate all the trail’s lumps and bumps to the rider without inducing any wobble or instability. All the shapes and materials were dialled in and an Rx Trail Tune was added on both the fork and rear shock. The result was a bike that could tackle any trail with the same sublime stiffness and handling on every single run.

With the 2019 range, we also added a few extras to the Stumpy which made it even more of a fan-favourite among the trail-shredding community. Threaded bottom brackets are back due to popular demand and we’ve even made space for you to fit a fat 3.0” tyre. It doesn’t end there, oh no – we’ve also thrown in a Flip Chip to further dial-in your Stumpy to your own specific riding style, as well as a ribbed chainstay protector that almost eliminates that niggling annoyance of chain slap and a whirring drivetrain.

An alloy build not only makes this an affordable and extremely durable Stumpjumper, it also gives it extra protection for those inevitable tumbles experienced as the EVO-inspired shredders push their bikes beyond the trail extremes.

The Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy 29 is yet to shred its way into our stores, so if you’re feeling like jumping on the EVO bandwagon be sure to send us a quick e-mail or ask in store for details about its arrival.


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