These boots were made for cycling – the Recon range

These boots were made for cycling – the Recon range

These boots were made for cycling – the Recon range

The all-new Recon line is here. Coming in four models, these are our premium MTB trail shoe. As per usual, each model has little differences that set them apart from their siblings, but in general, the Recon line can be categorised by its SPD platforms and a heavily lugged “SlipNot” rubber sole. The revamped Recon is perfect for all your trail riding, bikepacking and gravel grinding needs. 

S-Works Recon XC

The S-Works Recon XC rules off-road and is perfect for every discipline. Gravel? Cyclocross? XC racing? This shoe is ready to boss them all. Power transfer, comfort and style are the aims of the game here and we’ve stopped at nothing to make sure we provide these crucial characteristics. The rubber toe and heel mean superb off-the-bike traction while the rest is made of a harder substance, resulting in excellent stability and power transfer to the pedal. In short, this is a shoe that is as easy as any other to walk around in while not cutting corners with the on-bike performance. 

As you’d expect with a top-of-the-line S-Works model, this shoe benefits from ergonomically designed features which focus on key comfort areas, and have been scientifically proven to both boost power and reduce the risk of injury. Seamless design cleans up the look of the Recon and makes it more akin to a slipper than a bike shoe. The cherry on top of this formidable model is the custom alloy Boa® dials that allow for micro-adjustments on the fly. Finding the perfect pair of off-road shoes just got a whole lot easier. 


Recon 3.0

The 3.0 is the S-Works’s rowdy understudy and retains many of the perks of the off-roading king. A race-inspired carbon sole provides all the stiffness you need and two Boa® dials means you can adjust on-the-fly. Just like the S-Works, the 3.0 is all about off the bike performance too. STRIDE Toe-Flex and a layout inspired by the smoothing Pavé seat post work together to create a shoe that is as competent off the bike as it is on it. There are of course toe stud threads as well for when you turn up at those muddy cyclocross races and realise you need a helping hand to get up a pesky bank. 

Recon 2.0


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The Recon 2.0 is a good-looking shoe and puts all the performance of the S-Works and 3.0 within easy reach. A traditional looking off-road shoe with just the one Boa® dial and forefoot Velcro strap, the 2.0 may look different to the rest of the line but certainly doesn’t feel much different. With the body geometry sole to boost power, STRIDE toe-flex for natural toe movement and seamless design, the 2.0 is a fantastic off-road shoe. This pair would be ideal for riders who may not be able to justify reaching for the top echelons but still value premium performance and comfort.

Recon 1.0

The first impressions of the 1.0 are clear that it ditches the Boa® for a three-Velcro strap fastening system. Now, this may be a big change for the adjustability of the Recon, but this entry-level shoe still retains the same sole and toe flex, so you get that same reliable power transfer and off-the-bike comfort. It may well be the most affordable of the line, but the 1.0 is actually the lightest (excluding the S-Works), coming in at just 331g.

This shoe is unapologetically all about off-road, so whether you’re looking for a pair just for the occasional ride or one with all the bells and whistles, Specialized has something for you. To see the new Recon range in person, come down and see it in one of our stores where you can also speak to one of our friendly staff members and learn all about the innovations Specialized are making in 2020.

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