Top ten reasons to go Turbo

Top ten reasons to go Turbo

Top ten reasons to go Turbo

One of the fastest growing areas of the bike market is e-bikes. These motor driven/ power assisted bikes are fantastic machines and suitable for any and all riders. It’s easy to see why they are growing in popularity. Here are just a few reasons to get yourself an e-bike.


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Riding an e-bike is great fun. When you feel the kick that you get from a little bit of pressure on the pedals, there is nothing you can do but smile. Come and feel that joy with a test ride.

A bike for everyone 

There’s a myth that e-bikes are just for older riders or people who aren’t very good at cycling. This is wholly untrue. Anyone can ride an e-bike, there’s even a pro eMTB series now. Still, it’s true that e-bikes are a great solution for those riders who maybe can’t get up to the speeds they once could. The little extra oomph from the motor will help to maintain a comfortable speed for longer, making group rides possible even where experience and fitness vary.


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Go further for longer

With the addition of a few extra horsepower to help you out on a ride, you can be out for longer and explore more than ever before.

Go faster

As well as going further for longer you can put the hammer down and really pick up the pace. E-bikes do have in-built limiters so you aren’t going to be out-gunning a motorbike any time soon, but you can go at a faster rate than you might without assistance. This is ideal if you want to cut down your time in a polluting car and use a cleaner alternative.


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What hills?

E-bikes make mincemeat of hills, especially off-road. If you struggle to climb with your mates or you just need that added kick, you probably need an e-bike – save your effort for the sketchy downhill sections by breezing up the steep inclines. 

What headwinds?

In a similar vein you can laugh in the face of any headwinds when riding an e-bike. Commuter e-bikes have become particularly successful in the Netherlands for this very reason, to help people get to work without breaking a sweat or bursting a lung. 


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Get fit

You might think: “wait a second, I’m not doing as much work so surely I won’t get fit,” but you would be wrong. E-bikes enable you to get out on the bike more regularly as you won’t be suffering as much post ride.

Take on the road and gravel

We have plenty of e-bikes in store and our Turbo Creo road range is perfect to help you rider further in 2020. With the SL 1.1 motor and compliant geometry, these high-performance bikes are perfect for long distance rides and gravel adventures. The power and comfort of our road models make these bikes stand out from the crowd.

Shred faster

Our e-bike hardtail and downhill 29er/650b range is ideal for riders who want to stay out on the trails for longer. Its short chainstays help improve handling and a low bottom bracket will keep you glued to the trails, making for a great day in the saddle. The power then gets you up the other side of the hills quicker than ever before.

Breeze through town

Our town e-bikes are proving themselves as the ultimate city bike. Perfect for leisure cycling at the weekends or commuting without getting your work clothes sweaty, the stylish and comfortable Como, with integrated 1.2 motor and Turbo Connect Display, is a vital addition to your life.

Now you know all the great things about e-bikes, why not come down to one of our stores to see our huge range for yourself? And if you have any more questions, feel free to ask a member of staff who can help you start out in the world of e-bikes.

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