Trail-blazing with a turbo boost

Trail-blazing with a turbo boost

Trail-blazing with a turbo boost

Have you ever had that disheartening feeling after completing an epic run when you realise you have to lug your bike right back up to the top of the slope? It’s the worst thing about downhill mountain biking but a necessary evil if ragging it down the trails is your punishment of choice – until now. The all-new Turbo Levo FSR is here to change that. It’s stiffer, lighter and more powerful than ever before, and, it will give you the boost you need to climb back to the top, rendering the uplift redundant. Welcome to the new age of mountain biking – it’s still you, only a whole lot faster.

The game-changing chassis

The all-new Levo has been treated to what is possibly the lightest e-MTB chassis on the market. We’ve managed to shave a whopping 1.2kg in total, predominantly from the motor and other areas of the frame. This means that the new aluminium Levo FSR is incredibly lightweight, weighing even less than the 2018 carbon S-Works Levo – we’ll just leave that there to sink in.

You can feel this weight reduction almost immediately out on the trail; the new FSR gets airborne with ease and flicks effortlessly around the tighter bends. You’ll be pleased to hear that all of this weight reduction doesn’t impact the balance of the bike, as we’ve paid careful attention to even weight distribution across the chassis. This gives the bike an extremely low centre of gravity, keeping it glued to the trail, while also nimble enough to skip across rough and rocky terrain.

Other key focusses during the development of this new model were stiffness and geometry. A stiffer bike translates to a faster, more nimble and responsive bike, particularly on the off-road trails.

We also honed the kinematics and geometry of the Levo FSR. The new machine is a confidence-inspiring, super-speedy 29” trail bike is ready to blitz the quickest runs and absorb the biggest hits thanks to its lower-slung geometry. When the going gets tough and the trails particularly steep and sketchy, this bike is consistent and efficient – perfect for both beginners and veterans alike.

The new and improved Turbo-charged motor

Our new 2.1 motor may be 15% smaller and 400 grams lighter than the previous 1.3 motor, but it is certainly no smaller in the Turbo-boost department. In fact, it’s even more efficient and powerful than ever before. With power assistance up to 410%, providing 560W and 90Nm of torque, the new Turbo Levo can reach top speeds without any of those awkward surges or lags in power associated with some other e-MTBs.

It’s one of the smoothest motors around, matching your pedalling efforts and delivering a natural boost to get you over that next crest or rise in the trail. Every top-notch motor has to be paired with an equally sublime battery and the 2.1 motor is no different – partnering with our 700Wh battery on the Expert and S-Works models, and 500Wh on the rest. The batteries aren’t integrated into the frame so can easily be swapped or upgraded. It’s worth noting that batteries are only interchangeable on these new Levo FSR models, and not any previous generations.

Power is one thing when it comes to creating the best battery out there, but longevity is arguably more important. No one wants to be left stranded on the side of a mountain, unable to power their way up ridiculously steep gradients, so a long life is not only handy but essential. Using our Smart Control feature through our Mission Control App, you’re able to adjust the Levo’s power assist and optimise it for the duration of your planned ride. We’ve also got a Range Calculator on our main website to help you fine-tune your power levels.

Simplicity is key

Everyone wants a bike that’s easy to live with, so we’ve worked hard to make the new Levo FSR as simple and efficient as possible. On the top tube you’ll find our super-sleek Turbo Connect Unit that seamlessly connects the bike with both the outside world and our ingenious Mission Control App via Bluetooth® and ANT+.

The Mission Control App – central to the operation of the Levo FSR –has been greatly improved with a much more intuitive and ergonomic user interface put in place. It’s also got a brand-new Shuttle Mode feature which allows you to take the sting out of the tougher climbs.

Nearly every aspect of the bike can be controlled through the Mission Control App, whether you want to fine-tune the motor characteristics, monitor power usage, record and upload ride metrics or even perform your own system diagnoses. The app keeps all this – and much more – at your fingertips in one simple interface.

One for all

The all-new Turbo Levo FSR range has immense strength and depth with something for everyone, no matter their riding style or budget, and all are set up to shred the local trails. At the top of the scale are the S-Works models, guaranteeing unbeatable quality and promising the very best build that money can buy.

The Expert and Comp Carbon models are also available with a similarly light and incredibly stiff carbon frame to that of their big brother – the S-Works – only with more affordable and hard-wearing components.

Nearer the base of the range are the Comp and standard Levo FSR models. Constructed from some our very best aluminium alloy, these bikes are super lightweight and stiff – not things usually associated with alloy MTB bikes.

Each bike is graced with the same super-powered 2.1 motor to give you that much-needed boost, and 29” Trail Geometry for fast and confidence-inspiring ride, no matter the model you choose.

If blazing trails at top-speed for longer – or maybe with a little less effort – sounds like your cup of tea, then the Turbo Levo FSR may just be the perfect bike for you. Shop the rest of the Turbo range right here.


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