When you buy a new bike, you want to know that it is the perfect machine for you. For ultimate peace of mind and confidence in the bike you choose, we have an awesome fleet of demo mountain bikes that you can take for a spin.

Try before you buy with demo bikes and events

When you buy a new bike, you want to know that it is the perfect machine for you. For ultimate peace of mind and confidence in the bike you choose, we have an awesome fleet of demo mountain bikes that you can take for a spin. And we’re not talking about a quick spin around the block here either – We have a number of demo days throughout the year at locations such as Stainburn (on the 19th February) and Cannock Chase (on the 12th March), you can even book out one of our fleet and take it for a proper ride over the terrain you will actually be riding.

Our demo models, which are available from our Concept Store locations, include the following:


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WAS £4450.00



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WAS £4450.00

Stumpjumper FSR Expert - 650b and 29

The Stumpjumper is and has always been the ultimate trail bike. Even surrounded by so much innovation and development in the mountain bike market since its inception in 1981, the Stumpjumper has solidified itself as the best handling, most efficient bike with its revolutionary tech, fully-integrated SWAT technology, premium Rx Trail shock, 650b and 29er options and its slack, trail-munching geometry.

Industry-wide, riders and testers acknowledge its wealth of experience and agility. 

“When it comes to heritage, prestige and experience, the Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert rules supreme.” (650b, Enduro MTB)

Besides the finely tuned frame, the component choices are second to none throughout the range, designed to optimise the bike’s performance regardless of budget. Of the almost-perfect suspension, Enduro MTB said:

“The resultant tune is sublimely balanced, gliding down the trail with poise and control it eats up small bumps without fuss.”


SAVE 35%
NOW £2750.00
WAS £4200.00


SAVE 20%
NOW £3360.00
WAS £4200.00

Enduro Elite 

If you’re looking for a nimble all-mountain bike, the Enduro Elite might just be the one for you. It holds its own on long and painful climbs just as well as on tricky and technical descents, thanks to its super-short chain stays, roomy top tube and low bottom bracket.

“What amazed me most about the Enduro 29 was its ability to scale the multitude of steep, punchy climbs with confidence and stability” (Bike Mag)

Some lucky media folk were able to test the Enduro range on Canada’s Sunshine Coast, trying out varied terrains perfect for sampling the bike’s capabilities. Its reception was hugely positive, with comments made declaring it as the new benchmark:

“The Enduro fared super well: battering through tough terrain, getting up speed on descents, and climbing technical trails well.” (Enduro MTB)


SAVE 32%
NOW £2312.00
WAS £3400.00

Rhyme FSR Carbon Comp 650b

In a market that has commonly been lacking a capable and confident women’s trail bike, the Rhyme comes calling. No trail is too harsh, jump too big or climb too steep for this uniquely designed bike that offers high performance and awesome control. For the Rhyme, a proprietary trail shock has been introduced which is tailored specifically for women and the geometry is such that the bike is characteristically sharp and agile. BikeRadar described it as:

“playful, nimble, and oh so much fun”

So gone are the days when a standard mountain bike is the only option for performance-oriented female MTBers. This bike is the ultimate partner for even the toughest trails, ready and waiting to shred:

“A ripper of a trail bike that’s responsive to women’s riding styles and physiques”

You’ll want to take this one for a test spin to full appreciate it’s nimble handling – but be warned, you’ll almost certainly end up buying your own.


SAVE 15%
NOW £2465.00
WAS £2900.00


SAVE 15%
NOW £2890.00
WAS £3400.00

Turbo Levo Hardtail 29er/6fattie

The Turbo Levo is one of Specialized’s very best developments in the area of E-bikes. The hardtail and its FSR sibling are the perfect bikes to maximise the fun had out on the trails, enabling the rider to enjoy more from the tougher trails. With a little pressure on the pedals, the motor comes in to play, giving you a little more oomph on the climbs and keeping you going for longer. The Specialized E-bikes are not just for beginners, these bikes have been lauded by some of the very best in the trade for their acceleration of excitement. 

E-Mountainbike wrote a glowing review of the 6Fattie:

“passionate mountain bikers who value agility and excitement on the trails will be in their element”


SAVE 15%
NOW £3825.00
WAS £4500.00

Turbo Levo Comp FSR 

With the perfect blend of trail performance, handling, future-proof technology and durability, the full-sus Turbo Levo epitomises the future of trail bikes. There is a roomy top tube, ultra short chain stays and a low bottom bracket, all combining to form a frame which is an easy fit, agile and which feels like it’s glued to the trail. The cable routing is all internal and the Rockshox Yari RC fork is paired with Fox Float performance with RX Trail Tune rear suspension.

Dirt Mountainbike were quick to point out the level up that both bike and rider experience on tough and technical trails:

“It’s not effortless but the scale and steepness of the climbs as well as the level of technicality can be much steeper, longer and more advanced with this bike.”

Once again, Specialized have proved the E-bike naysayers wrong with the Turbo Levo Comp, converting even the most hardy and stubborn trail-thrashers to the ways of the E-bike.

“I cannot actually believe how much fun riding this bike is, its going to provide lots of people an insane amount of fun”


SAVE 19%
NOW £2698.99
WAS £3315.00


Women’s Turbo Levo Short Travel

The women’s short travel Turbo Levo is specifically designed for the speed-motivated female trail rider. With the efficient and powerful Turbo technology integrated into the frame, this model is designed for performance. With women’s geometry in mind, the bike has 120mm of travel at the front compared to the 140mm found on the standard Levo FSR. Everything else, like the low-slung, trail-clinging geometry, internal cable routing and outstanding durability remain the same.




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