Turbo Levo 2020

Turbo Levo 2020

Turbo Levo 2020

More than any other model name, the word ‘Levo’ means e-MTB. We’ve led the industry towards better-designed, all-round more fun e-machines since the beginning, and the Levo has been at the heart of what’s good through most of that.

The Turbo Levo name puts the bike clearly at the pinnacle of what we offer in terms of enjoyment and performance, with an array of component specs to choose from. But first, the question that’s been bothering MTB riders for a decade…

Hardtail or full-suspension?

The Turbo Levo HT is built for trail riding, with the solid and speed-greedy performance of 29er wheels to help you cruise over any obstacles that litter the trail. To counter-balance the unwieldiness sometimes associated with the bigger wheel size, we’ve shortened the chain stays to keep the ride feeling super nimble and ready for anything.

Then, to really give it that ‘on rails’ sensation of super-reliable stability, we’ve dropped the bottom bracket closer to the dirt. 100mm of suspension comes thanks to an SR Suntour XCM32 29er fork, while the extra turn of speed is supplied by our 1.2 E motor, backed up by a M1-400 battery which’ll keep pumping out the power all day.

Grab it in black or oak green with spruce hyper accents. The women’s 2019 version also comes in purple.

While the Hardtail is a spectacularly enjoyable bike to ride, you might get a little bit dizzy when you see the array of spec options available on the 2020 FSR version. There are four packages, and a bunch of colourways to choose from within those – Levo, Levo Comp, Levo Expert Carbon and S-Works.

The Levo is the bottom of the line-up, but by no means a slouch. It boasts 150mm of front and rear travel, provided by the always-reliable Rockshox. Then there’s the M5 alloy chassis and sidearm frame construction to consider, as well as automatically managed battery control and 410% pedal assist when you need it. 

The Levo Comp is next to step up to the plate, with an upgraded front fork – still Rockshox and 150mm. The rear derailleur also gets an upgrade, and the choice of colourways jumps to four with the addition of Taupe / Voodoo Orange and a frankly stunning Storm Grey / Black option.

Climbing into the realms of stratospheric performance, we have the Levo Expert Carbon, with a phenomenal specification. This bike is born for throwing down rowdy descents and whizzing over steep climbs. It’s one hell of a bike. The Sidearm frame is built with a combination of carbon and M5 alloy to reduce weight, while the FOX 36 Performance fork and FLOAT DPS shock deliver 150mm of travel and supreme control. The battery is an M2-series with a 700Wh capacity, which increases the bike’s range by a whopping 40%.

Last and definitely not least, the S-Works, with full-carbon frame, asymmetric Sidearm construction and FOX FLOAT DPS Factory shock. No part of this bike has been overlooked, with elite componentry wherever you turn. This isn’t just our best e-MTB, it’s the best e-MTB. 

It’d be remiss of us not to talk about the motor in these things, given it’s the best one we’ve ever made. The 2.1 Specialized motor is more efficient than its predecessors, as well as being 15% smaller and 11% lighter. Throw in the instant engagement, superb heat management and silent performance – even at max power – and you have a truly stunning piece of technology. 

It looks like the Levo will be setting the standard for a few more years yet. 


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