In these times where normal life and standard practises seem a long way off, it is important to join together as an online community and be there for one another, inspiring and motivating each other to be our best possible selves. So, stay in, get your fitness routine on point and we can save lives together.

What our riders are doing in their downtime

In these uncertain times, it’s difficult to know what to do with yourself. The professional side of cycling has shut down and left quite the gap. But, remember there is, of course, a bigger picture and a bigger goal, and we can all be part of the most important movement for a generation. In these times where normal life and standard practises seeming a long way off, it is important to join together as an online community and be there for one another, inspiring and motivating each other to be our best possible selves. So, stay in, get your fitness routine on point and we can save lives together. 


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In the meantime, as a bit of an aside from the coronavirus news (we promise this is the last time we mention the C word), we take a look at what our Specialized athletes have been up to. 

At home with Loïc

Four-time downhill world champion Loïc Bruni really hasn’t been messing about during the time off. The Frenchman has shed light on the secret behind some of his best rides. Turns out it’s spin classes. 


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Bruni has invited his fans on Instagram to join his virtual spin class as a way of keeping fit indoors. He has also shown us his rather novel gym ball methods. Hilariously, 2017 world champion Miranda Miller replied to the video: “Wasn’t that hard…” Looks like Loïc might need to up his game for the next session.


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Getting aero in the garden

Instagram is a great platform for athletes to share their training methods with the wider public and that’s exactly what Ironman racer Raya Hubbell has done. She has some brilliant tips for training on a turbo which include getting yourself on a platform like Zwift, stocking up on protein powder, investing in swim stretch cords and drinking more fluid. The latter is particularly crucial as you can get very dehydrated while training indoors – help boost your immune system by keeping hydrated. With all this sun about, why don’t you take your trainer into the garden and make the most of the good weather. Raya has of course not forgotten to don a helmet before riding but we’re not quite sure it will help her go faster in Watopia.


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Group rides with friends

Our Specialized ambassadors are proving that you can still go on group rides in the comfort of your own home. You can protect yourselves and others by staying indoors and meeting up with your ride mates on Zwift. Ambassador @tri_raving is doing just that and has even hooked up headphones so that she can still talk to her friends. Lockdown cycling done right.


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Train like Peter 

If you’re still struggling to work out how to exercise from home, how about following the lead of Peter Sagan? This video from last year shows just how incredible a physical specimen the Bora-Hansgrohe rider is as he takes us through his core workout routine. As the great man says himself: “No pain, no gain. Staying at the top of your game requires lots of sweat, on and off your bike.” These exercises and years of training are why Sagan is such a phenomenal bike handler. So, is this how you become a three-time world champion? 


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As always, you can find the entire Specialized catalogue on our website. We’re still open but are currently running a stripped-down operation per government rules. So stay safe, keep the spirits up, stay fit and stay indoors. Let’s all work together and do our bit so that we can get back to those long days in the saddle with our mates. Boy, the first group ride after this is going to be epic.


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