Commute in style this summer

Commute in style this summer

Commute in style this summer

As the days get longer and the weather fairer, there’s never been a better time to take up cycle commuting than right now. And what better way to commute than on a Turbo-powered e-bike, one that can get you to and from work without you having to bust a gut or break a sweat.


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The new 2020 Turbo Vado is the bike for the summer season. Here’s why you should grab one before summer begins…

Crush the commute

Commuting to work by bike is one of the healthiest things you can do, not only for your own body, but also for the environment surrounding you. A lot of people are starting to realise these benefits, especially in the UK where there has been a rapid uptake in cycle commuting over the past decade, people climbing aboard bikes in their thousands to get to and from their inner-city offices.

One of the most popular commuting machines is the e-bike, a type of bicycle that’s optimised for zipping in and around the city streets. At Specialized we have a wide range of e-bikes, all of them suitable for crushing the morning commute.


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Our designated commuter e-bike, however, is the Turbo Vado, a bike optimised for all things urban.

The Vado’s winning formula

Where the Vado excels over other e-bikes is in its low fuss yet high tech design. With our supercharged 1.2 motor, a custom Rx Street Tune and an integrated 500 Wh battery taking care of the electronics department, the Vado has more than enough power and juice to spend a whole day completing errands across the city.

All of these techy components of the Vado are linked up to the Turbo Connect Display that sits nicely on the handlebars. This neat little display shows you everything from your current speed, your cadence and power, all the way to battery level and time spent riding. No more guessing if your battery is running out of juice, your display will be able to tell you just how much you’ve got left and how much further you can go before your next charge.

Even if you remove the all of the tech, the Vado is still a game-changing commuter. Why? Because of its extremely ergonomic geometry of course. The relaxed nature of the frame encourages an upright riding position, giving you the comfiest pedalling experience imaginable.

This ergonomic frame is also available in a women’s specific variant with a traditional dropped top tube to make it easier to hop on and off the bike.

Urban accessories

No commuter would be complete without a long list of urban-ready accessories. The Turbo Vado has a load of these handy extras, all of which add to the dreamy overall ride experience.


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