Introducing the new SWorks Recon

Introducing the new SWorks Recon

Introducing the new SWorks Recon

Whether you’re sending it down rocky trails, grinding through fields of gravel or simply carving your own paths cross-country, then the new S-Works Recon shoes are the perfect off-road companion. With a design that’s been honed over 30 years, it comes as no surprise to learn that these are some of the lightest, robust and freakishly comfortable shoes we’ve ever produced.

For the fastest shoe on dirt, look no further than the new S-Works Recons.

Striking the perfect balance

When constructing a shoe there are three main goals that we want to achieve: super speed, long-lasting durability and maximum comfort. All of these three end-goals lie at each of the three points of the ‘ultimate cycling shoe’ triangle. Creating a shoe that can accomplish all three would, therefore, be close to impossible, right?

Well, not with the new S-Works Recons. Thanks to over 30 years of obsessing over the ‘perfect shoe’, we’ve managed to find the sweet spot that balances speed, durability and comfort.

Starting with speed, we’ve constructed a dirt-specific carbon outsole to make the shoe incredibly stiff. A stiff shoe delivers more power to the pedals and, in turn, increases your speed. What’s more, our Body Geometry PadLockTM Heelcup and no-stretch Dyneema® uppers – also seen on our top-of-the-range road shoes – lock your feet into the shoes, limiting the amount of wiggle room to help you lay down even more power. This cutting-edge design lets your channel every bit of effort into driving forwards – it’s no wonder that these are the fastest all-terrain shoes we’ve ever created.

When it comes to durability, everyone wants a shoe that will last them a good long time. The S-Works Recons are built to take one hell of a beating, whether from the rider up top or the harsh trail underneath. The fully-sealed S3 Boa® dials not only offer extremely precise micro-adjustments, but also a nigh-impervious layer to mud and trail dust. The uppers help to wick away any muck too, thanks to their extremely durable TPU and Dyneema® material construction. The Recons also have SlipNotTM rubber heels and toe treads, built to stand the test of time on the trail, in the café and everything in between.

The final end-goal on the ‘ultimate cycling shoe’ triangle points towards comfort – perhaps the most important feature in a pair of off-road cycling shoes. It’s tough to make a super stiff shoe comfortable, especially since a lot of comfy features – like shock-absorbing arches – actually result in power loss. However, thanks to Body Geometry and rigorous scientific tests, we’ve managed to build a shoe that boosts comfort while also improving pedalling efficiency and decreasing the risk of injury.

Shoe science

Our Body Geometry concept is something that we apply to a lot of our products, combining multiple ergonomic prototypes with countless scientific tests to deduce which is the ultimate design. By using Body Geometry, every inch – every millimetre – of the S-Works Recons have been analysed, scrutinised and improved, all to create a shoe that does everything perfectly.

A longitudinal arch within the shoe prevents the arches of your feet from collapsing with each pedal stroke, allowing you to transfer even more power into the pedals. Meanwhile, a varus wedge at the front of the shoe offers 1.5mm of angled support, giving you a straighter knee to help reduce the risk of injury and – you guessed it – deliver more power. Finally, a metatarsal button helps to lift and separate the bones of the forefoot, relieving pressure on nerves and arteries that would normally cause numbness or pain.

The perfect partnership

When it comes to adventuring across off-road terrain, a pair of S-Works Recons can only take you so far. The S-Works Recons are ideal shoes for any kind of off-road riding, from gravel and adventure touring, to full-blown XC racing. For this kind of riding, you’re going to need an equally special and versatile bike.

When it comes to grinding gravel, or intrepid, multi-surface adventures, you can’t go wrong with the Diverge. Available in a wide range of models, from the bling S-Works to the affordable E5, there really is a Diverge out there for just about every budget.

For true trail riding, look no further than the Epic, available in both a Hardtail and FSR (full-suspension) model. It’s a proven XC legend on the pro scene, taking an unassailable and near unquantifiable number of wins over the years. Pair it with a pair of S-Works Recons and you’ll have a combination that is built to win races.

Do the S-Works Recons look like they could be the perfect shoes for you? Then head down to one of our stores to try on a pair for yourself. We promise you your feet will thank you for it.



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