This is just a sneak peek of what to expect as the range has not yet landed in our UK stores, but trust us, the Turbo Vado is about to redefine the way we go about our daily lives.


We’ve been raving about the Specialized Turbo Levo family of ebikes ever since they hit the market, and now we’ve got a new generation to get excited about – the Turbo Vado, a city-slicking machine that’s perfectly suited to urban riding. 

This is just a sneak peak of what to expect as the range has not yet landed in our UK stores, but trust us – the Turbo Vado is about to redefine the way we go about our daily lives.

Getting the balance right

With the cycling experience at the top of the list of priorities, the designers wanted to create a pedal-assist bike that rides like a bicycle first with the added benefit of turbo power, rather than letting the motor lead the process. 

The key motivation behind the Turbo Vado family is to provide a bike that can keep up with the high pace of modern life and everything it involves, including work, play and family time. The range is ideal for urban-style riding, commuting, touring and fitness, helping the owner to take their riding to the next level with an integrated battery, display and controls simplifying the riding experience and increasing the distance you can cover.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Each component of the Turbo Vado works in harmony to provide a fully-integrated, pedal-assist system to comply with the hectic routine of modern life, and it raises the bar in ebike design with a more modern aesthetic and feel. 

The advanced combination of integrated battery and eerily-silent motor multiplies pedalling input by up to 320%, and does so by sensing the torque applied to the pedals and handing over that information to a complex algorithm, which tells the motor how much more oomph it ought to add. The more pressure you apply, the more assistance gained. Furthermore, the unprecedented control over the riding experience set this new bike apart with the manipulation of battery flow and power assist – so you never have to ride on unassisted. 

Mission control

The Specialized  Mission Control smartphone app feature is carried over from the existing Turbo range. The app harnesses the power of the smartphone in your pocket with Bluetooth connectivity. The app’s intuitive interface enables the rider to control the power output, as well as making use of additional options like Turn-by-Turn navigation to take the stress out of the riding experience. Have a watch of this video for more information on the app:



The Turbo Vado range includes both men’s and women’s specific models with a step-through frame design for the latter. If you think the Turbo Vado tickles your fancy, keep an eye out here for any updates and more news as it comes in.

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